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  1. c/o updated... auction ending tonight
  2. probably going to close this up soon
  3. you should sell it to me for cubes i would offer quite a few if it really is light blue
  4. Nikko, Did I show you this in the chatroom? Not a Sparus and not the best sides, but I thought I would throw it out there aw i like it but that rate would kill my monk :\ sorry
  5. ill take a look at it... message me on steam
  6. also... please post your SID/link to profile when you bid
  7. c/o updated also accepting items such as (i would add cubes on the more expensive items): celebration ult++ tower weps(especially light blue tower sparus ) ult+ tower armor(mostly chain)
  8. Hello everyone... these boots are self farmed via lab assault last night and now since i do not use mail dps I am putting them out there for you lovely people so... please to the winner of this auction... take care of them for me :) they are very nice and I would like to see them go to a loving family now that all of that is said... i reserve the right not to sell if i feel my baby is not fetching a fair price. Here it is: C/O: 25 cubes max_glenhill B/O: 30 cubes BID AWAY
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