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  1. I don't see what this has to do with trading??
  2. Auction ended. Hardened Defender I've added you on steam.
  3. pra4

    Giveaway Time :)

  4. 2 coal on leather 249 3 coal on leather 206 2 coal on leather 358
  5. My prices, assuming all items are traced: Cavalry - 20cvBean's Leftovers 5cvDeath Wish - not interestedBall Blaster - 30cvQueen Georgia - not interestedHowling Werewolf - not interestedPloutonion - not interestedYGK - not interestedupgraded non caps - 4.5cvnamed doubles 15cv
  6. Seeing as there was some interest in the vortex set that Dark Dragon auctioned I thought I'd auction off mine. The auction will run until end of next week which is February 4th Accepting: Cubes, Diamonds 5/10/15, other event items (can be negotiated) Reserve: 35 CV It's traced (ofc). I got it from the event myself highest offer: 38.5cv Hardened Defender
  7. pra4

    Item Check Thread

     Should I send an uncensored image to someone?
  8. I'll start the leather mask with 1cv
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