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  1. I like the idea of ramping up the minion waves, as it forces players to be more involved and pay attention to what's going on around them. Sticking a boss battle on a timer, as I mentioned before, is not engaging. Defeat boss in X or you lose. It's a gear score. Good tower placement makes a difference too, but ultimately that's all it amounts to is a gear score. If your gear isn't good enough, you lose. This is not 'difficult', it just makes it so I don't even want to bother, because I know I can't beat it. There are other bosses in DD history where you MIGHT beat it. It doesn't look like you
  2. Just as a random idea, perhaps they could make her ignite the eggs, forcing the player(s) to get water to douse the fires. That'd give them something to do while she flies around, doesn't totally strip out the mechanic, but also adds a skill/preparation element as well. The move speed orb would be quite handy in that situation. But even without, a player who is attentive could still put the fires out before significant damage is done. Then she still attacks the egg, but it's less of a significant impact as long as the player(s) are bouncing around putting the fires out. Then when she's almost
  3. I have been addicted to the Dungeon Defenders franchise for quite a while now, approaching 500+ hours on the original game(s) and moving on to DD2. Overall, I think it's a great game. I love everything that was done with it so far! However, there is one quirk that I do not enjoy. I have never known a DD boss to go around defenses and go straight for the defense nodes. Now, there were instances where bosses went -through- defense points (The goblin mech), but going around them feels like a very cheap trick that just places the whole thing on a timer. Also in the case of the goblin mech, there
  4. I wouldn't expect the characters to be more than 4$ a piece, and I don't see Trendy adding more than 40. Their brains would melt from the creative thought required to make the tower set up of the 41th hero unique. Or they could go the Japan method and make the towers so ridiculously crazy that they lose all sense of coherence. Although kawaii pink bunny towers that shoot rainbows out of their eyes are actually a pretty neat idea come to think of it. In either case, I support a 'retail' game that comes with all the heroes at launch, but it'd probably be more sensibly released as small 'hero
  5. It's a contest with everyone on equal grounds. Winning a code or not bears little relevance to how important you are to the project. My other half won a code and I did not. Do I feel less important? I do. But that's not what it's about. I hope her experience with the beta is an enjoyable one, and that she gives lots of great feedback to the team. In either case, someone who's played the original will also be biased towards the sequel. New blood would be great for bringing new ideas into the mix. Your cousin's contributions will be very beneficial in that regard. But we can keep our f
  6. Your points on consumables baffle me as well. The concept of consumable items are probably the most hardcore mechanic presented in a modern moba in a very long time. Loss of items upon death is incredibly appealing. This just ups the competitive stakes. Human error is unforgiving. Well, consumables are actually far more forgiving than the way most Mobas are set up now. By what I've seen, you'll only be using 2-3 in combination with each other. Plus these consumables don't seem too difficult to replace. Let's compare this to a game that uses items. Let's consider HoN and DotA2 for ins
  7. Really there isn't a market for another competitive MMO. Between LoL, DotA2, and HoN, not to mention lesser known MobAs like Battle of Graxia, there just isn't enough people out to spare for yet another competitive MobA. If Trendy wants to make a successful Moba, they'll have to do something different with it. . Like go casual. People will be competitive with it. That can't be helped. But really, if you strip away every single reason someone can have for demonstrating a bad attitude about losing, then they're throwing a tantrum for no reason whatsoever. Then they're doing nothing but mak
  8. This is the grey area I was talking about. I liked the challenge they presented individually. They each had a flavor that you had to work around. I remember the first time on Aquanos a sharken barreled past our barriers. We were freaking out and intercepting them all over the place. It was fun. All at once? Nope. Hated it. Restricted creativity too much. But giving each 'campaign' setting its own unique enemy that requires a little tweaking to beat isn't a bad thing at all.
  9. If I may make a suggestion, questions such as number 6 could possibly have a 'Mixed' option for those who don't feel strongly one way or the other. I really can't say 'yes' or 'no' because reasons would have me settled in more of a grey area. Also, a 'Why?' text box is always nice to add a little more detail! But overall it's a very nice survey. And yeah, asking about various suggestions that have been made is always a nice way to go :)
  10. So basically I'd always want to kick worse equipped players than I am alongside lower levels because they end up hurting me big time? I mean your idea would make the game way easier of everyone had a good equipped char who brings differen stuff to the table. For example two decent equipped players would end up with an combined 160 defense units making the game far easier. On the other hand, one good equipped player and for example a bad equipped friend would end up with effectively 80 defense unit, while every additional player who has lower stats than the host only ends up further weaken
  11. So what happens if you use all 100 DU and then a friend joins, dropping your cap to 70? This also doesn't address the issue of people who like playing DPS heroes. Sometimes you don't want to have to build towers, you just want to go in and beat the crap out of enemies. This forces everyone to contribute as a tower builder. Additionally, it means you can't join games until you get a leveled tower character. I know I leveled a dps character first, and only later once I started getting mythics did I really start to deck out my tower characters. That would have taken much longer if I had to keep a
  12. [c3;866492'] responding directly to the OP, while i agree with your sentiment, your philosophy is a bit off. additional DU will almost certainly NOT result in more players building in a given map. it will just result in the best builder having more DU to use in a map. the nature of the game is that it does not really afford experimentation (at least not in nightmare mode with DD1). trying to synchronize 4 players to build specific things in specific areas at specific locations to make sure that it is far enough away to reach this with out triggering those in that amount of time is just t
  13. Honestly DD2 can avoid the awful community by not being a competitive MOBA. The Dota scene has always been competitive, and many of the mobas inspired by Dota marketed themselves as being competitive. Then you get all the competitive people jumping head first into them then complaining when people who aren't as competitive ruin their stats. If Trendy completely strips away the statistic side of the moba, then the moba ceases to be competitive. There's no more lasting penalty to winning or losing. There's no reason to go pro. There is no pro. There's just the game, which is meant to be fun, a
  14. They would have to build with those afks and even then the aim of the game is still reached, the game gets harder due to more players and you get more defenses to compensate. All that needs to be done to balance is to make it impossible to have overpowered stats. Right. If someone decides to bring along 'afks', the afks would still need to contribute under this system. If anything it'd discourage having afk players since more activity would be required of all players in order to build a solid defense against what's to come. Otherwise the one player who's letting the others afk is working wit
  15. Surely this would make it silly easy though. Sure enemies scale up with more players, because you have more players in DD1. But having those extra players allows you to cover so much more ground and make more efficient use of the DU you have due to variation in stats and heros that can be used at once. Makes sense to me how it works in DD1, the only thing that I feel is wrong about how it works in DD1 is that fact that using a summoner makes everything so much easier giving you double the DU effectively for free. I like it how it is it has more emphasis on playing together rather than ha
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