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  1. What is CET? Central European Time = GMT+01:00 I like that time 9:00PM CET too. Loki
  2. What....? I don't care about your raffle. I simply said people are beyond caring how it works, and that's what you're aiming to prove right? That it works. Sure it works, but mainly in your favor because you don't care about what people think so it is obvious the raffle will mainly work for you. Try looking at the big picture and not the fine detail sometime and you will see that the majority of people are unhappy with it, but as you said your raffle is dead, so that's where this conversation should be as it is no longer relevant :) 1. It is not raffle, but lottery, or betting game. But not
  3. Everything the customer wants has already been stated in previous threads. As I am not your assistant, I'd consider being good owners of your said business and comprehending (yes, not just reading) what they are saying. I'm hoping both of your brains are up for that. :) like i said. they wanted "online twitch stream + random.org". I have showed that it can be faked/biased/scammed.... so please give me other thing what customets want. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2TAFxBwGBoo - second video of faking output from random.org)
  4. When your customers are unhappy/uneasy, it will equate to no business. If they are uneasy, they won't buy, get it? If you are not set to change then chances are your business will decline because you're not listening to what everyone wants. It's the way all businesses run, by consumers. It's about keeping them happy to even have a chance at being successful and reading this thread, I would venture to say that is not the case. It doesn't matter if you think you're tight and you have all the proof in the world, but if your customers are not hapy then your business won't be either. Ever heard t
  5. in the past somebody have written that our pregenerated numbers are biased. so I have some quiz for you: Facts: Chance to win 1st prize in Incredible Coal Lottery is 1/330. 1. What chance is to win 1st prize in one particular day (for example on 1/1/2014)? 2. If we biased each numbers, what chance will be for winning 1st prize for the next day? 3. Same as queastion "2", but for not biased numbers (so if numbers were generated in very good random generator)?
  6. dont feed the troll no, please feed The Troll. Trolling is a art.
  7. Building is a art. If you know what I mean...
  8. and how it is with "hackers/dupers"? Increasing or stable? :) So if all currency is duped, and all stuffs are duped. Please duplicate everything for everybody.... Let last man turn off the light. If i know how to duplicate stuffs i would published utility which do it much easier for using it by ultra++ beginners and then all will be worthless and there will be a little anarchy. Then maybe Trendy would reset all accounts and maybe will create some dupless economy.
  9. if someone know what does it mean by this: "You are allowed to advertise in your signature as long as it is not an over the top large link." what is top large link? please show us some examples. Can i have link to our lottey page? (not dealing with real currency and it is all about DD items and DD fun) Can i have anything in my post? Just signature is limited?
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