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  1. RNG, my friends. HA! xD That made me giggle quite a bit.
  2. I'd rather have more abilities per char, maybe 2 unique abilities, and 1 ability that is used among a certain type of chars. However, with 20+ chars, I'd say 5 is fine. I gotta agree. Even keeping the 5 towers, 2 powers formula... that is tons more work to do with a planned 24 heroes on release. And probably more after. One thing I'd like however is one ability stat. Ability 1 and 2 affected by a single stat, instead of two different ability stats. That always seemed off and weird to me. Also like a shameless stat drain.
  3. Seeing references to other games is always cool. DD1's Portal gun, TF2 pets, and Companion Cube were awesome. Personally I'd find it neat to see references to some league characters with the MOBA mode they are releasing, with RIOT's consent of course. Flavor text like "Spin to Win", the shop maybe having an NPC shopkeeper nearby that looks like a popular League character. Exciting since the FAQ admits they play a lot of league in the office, making it a sort of nod of recognition.
  4. I never got the email to confirm my signing up for the closed beta. My friends have, but they made the forum account first, then signed up for Playverse/Closed-Beta. I tried to sign up for Playverse/Beta first, then forum second. I never got the email because of it it seems, and I can't use my email again for signing up for the beta. But I never got to confirm it either, so did I screw myself over? Am I in limbo? Or is it fine?
  5. Quote: I'm willing to spend the dollars needed to support a thriving competitive DD2 moba scene. Can you say the same? Yes. This seemed like an unfair attack rather than a valid question. Despite my horrible experience with DOTA and LoL communities, I've still spent over 300 dollars on LoL. I can still find it a fun game so long as I queue only with friends and avoid the community. And the game is indeed really fun. So can I say the same I'll spend money supporting it? Yes. I love the DD franchise more than League and I spent plenty on League despite the community.
  6. Wow... Your reasoning seems to be mostly barren as to why Dota2 consists of a horrid community, yet you somehow manage to muster up four paragraphs on the very topic. How is this possible? Sounding off with such declarative statements makes you look uninformed and worse, naive. ... Speak with facts please. ... And how does this wonderful community that you speak of respond? With pessimism and pretentiousness ... Wonderful community indeed... ... League of Legends is the most casual moba on the market. You honestly can't get more casual than LoL. It's so simplistic in terms of the ge
  7. ((Snip)) Using DD1 examples: Spiders slowed your towers with their webs, it took a little more thought to beat them but in no way restricted how you could build. I personally loved this enemy and what it did for the game at the time. On the other hand, djinn and their desummon mechanic significantly limited how maps were built. The change from expansive to concentrated building after shards 2 release has never been resolved. You could be so much more creative before this was introduced... Therefore my answer was no, because if I have to choose between none and restrictive BS like that ag
  8. They're making it both, Co-op Tower Defence Mode and PvP MOBA Mode. Its not one or the other, you can have the cake and eat it too in this case.
  9. Some stuff about the MOBA mode is out. A few peeks at stuff from PAX and I wonder if there will also be a Bot match kind of option? :)
  10. There are loads of people who play local multiplayer, using split-screen, on the PC version. Not only on small monitors, but often on their TVs. Most modern graphics cards have HDMI out. And if not, many modern HDTVs have PC-input. Assuming the game engine can support it, they have no reason to exclude this feature from the sequel. It would be a blow to the folks that are into local MP. 4P split-screen farming was not the cause of the first game's economy being so irreparably broken; nowhere near it. That was to blame on mana hackers, item hackers, various things related to the setup and fun
  11. The RNG has been completely reworked for DD2. We'll have more details on the RNG as we get closer to the co-op beta. <3 Happy Days!
  12. With an auction house though, I can turn my computer off when I'm not using it instead of running dungeon defenders and still make just as much money. Possibly even more, since it would create some sort of bidding system. And players searching for items would be able to find the cheapest without searching through the inventory of 20 shops. +1 Also having it as an Auction House function will not only make all the items and their prices more easily searchable and easier to find their prices, it will also drive DOWN the high prices we see in DD1 a bit and make it a bit more economically fai
  13. but then people will just bring on afks to bring more DU They would have to build with those afks and even then the aim of the game is still reached, the game gets harder due to more players and you get more defenses to compensate. All that needs to be done to balance is to make it impossible to have overpowered stats. Your both also assuming Split Screen is making a return feature. This wont be for console anymore and Split Screen on PC has been horrificly abused to generate more cash money for a single player than they should make. NMHC Rampart Survival can easily earn you 50 mill per wav
  14. Huntress was my first DD1 character and remains my favorite DPS character to play. Seeing her hold a REAL bow for the first time is exciting! Not just a Crossbow which is a glorified arrow-gun, but a real bow! <3 And not to be cheesy but it's sort of nostalgic. Two and half years ago we played a group of children on a grand adventure. Now they're grown up and there is something about it... Like we grown up besides them a little bit. :]
  15. For starters, I hope the MOBA mode remains casual as suggested thus far, though a few concerns about that direction changing; let me explain. This is an important question to me with Trendy hinting and suggesting the MOBA half is more relaxed and casual than other MOBA's. However words used were like "Kinda" [1] and "toned down a bit". [1] I wasn't really feeling as if it is certain and... while not flip-floppy, just uncertain. And then one article it seems more certain about being being casual fun [2]. But since they are willing to support the MOBA mode based on how much attention it receiv
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