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  1. My favorite memory from dungeon defenders is the first time beating akatiti back in the day!
  2. This was pretty fun to make, albeit taking much longer than expected. sorry for my shit paint skills :p i can post some pics of the build if anyone is interested. Ty Bonny! 1.https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198083385532/2. Events only please.3.
  3. I’m making a full size ball blaster will update post in a couple days when done :D
  4. cool idea man! https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198083385532/ https://imgur.com/a/naaWpd Aquanos 23:08 Morrago 19:23 Toatl 42:31
  5. Absolutely sorry I’ve been busy at work just got a reply from Thales I’ll post when I get home. I’m extending the auction 1 day because IC was late
  6. How’d moose win the skimmer I bid within the 24 hours?
  7. Edit: extending this auction one day to June 26 because my ic was so late Oh Hey all, my first auction in ages. After a lot of farming i have a couple pieces to get rid of. This auction will go until June 25 2019 and bids in last 24 hours will extend by 24 hours on a per item basis. Item list for auction : https://imgur.com/a/iTTqmbT Item Check : https://imgur.com/DaymcDe Events for sale/trade: at alt1 pricelist red blu dragon of the north arm guard Currency : coal (1:10) no more than 5 cv pls cubes Diamonds (5/1
  8. deegoo

    Item Check Thread

    Hey everyone its been a good few years since i've been on the forums :p just an item check please! https://imgur.com/a/iTTqmbT
  9. deegoo

    Item Check Thread

    Thanks EC. As suspected, people like this should get the boot :/
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