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  1. cool idea man! https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198083385532/ https://imgur.com/a/naaWpd Aquanos 23:08 Morrago 19:23 Toatl 42:31
  2. Absolutely sorry I’ve been busy at work just got a reply from Thales I’ll post when I get home. I’m extending the auction 1 day because IC was late
  3. How’d moose win the skimmer I bid within the 24 hours?
  4. Edit: extending this auction one day to June 26 because my ic was so late Oh Hey all, my first auction in ages. After a lot of farming i have a couple pieces to get rid of. This auction will go until June 25 2019 and bids in last 24 hours will extend by 24 hours on a per item basis. Item list for auction : https://imgur.com/a/iTTqmbT Item Check : https://imgur.com/DaymcDe Events for sale/trade: at alt1 pricelist red blu dragon of the north arm guard Currency : coal (1:10) no more than 5 cv pls cubes Diamonds (5/10/15) useful events (ball blaster more than anything) ++ Chain Chest C/O 5cv Tubs ++Chain Helm C/O. 5cv Sam116 ++Glad removed ++ leather Boots C/O 35cv Sure Buddy ++ Mail Helm C/O 10cv Dan. ++ Pristine Coat C/O ++Pristine Gloves C/O. 20cv Sybreed ++ Quietus C/O
  5. deegoo

    Item Check Thread

    Hey everyone its been a good few years since i've been on the forums :p just an item check please! https://imgur.com/a/iTTqmbT
  6. deegoo

    Item Check Thread

    Thanks EC. As suspected, people like this should get the boot :/
  7. deegoo

    Item Check Thread

    The simple fact he has a full set of ++ yet I can't find him on the forums is odd enough to me
  8. deegoo

    Item Check Thread

    A bit of a tall order, but I saw a guy selling all of these: Check on any/all is appreciated! thanks
  9. deegoo

    Item Check Thread

    Pair of glads. Thanks guys for all your work :)
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