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  1. https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197966405212/ https://imgur.com/a/nqQo2MC
  2. if that gloves would have been chain °-° good luck killingslife!
  3. 1 ticket for me aswell woop woop °-° Sad to see you go! Anyways good luck on your path! =) http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197966405212 SID: SidMachinery
  4. [[500,hashtags]] Goodbye uber, have a great time! :P
  5. Helloy everyone, I wanna auction a full EV set, that reaches about 6700 hp and almost 4k dmg (after rest ups have been spend). Lorry story short, here ere the pics. Note the leftover ups. Diamond: http://imgur.com/txTly82 Clavas: http://imgur.com/OOWQpFm http://imgur.com/FLz01Iw Armor: http://imgur.com/TPalr5y http://imgur.com/onAgvD7 http://imgur.com/7Z61EUK http://imgur.com/8IqSKNJ Accs: http://imgur.com/KQgRB6G http://imgur.com/ERNjAkS http://imgur.com/xTqhqvP Highest bid: 4 cubes B/O: Glaciers demise/Magicite The is a hidden reserve! No lowballs pls, bids incresement at leas
  6. SID: SidMachinery http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197966405212 The think I really love most are to things: Music and the complexity of this world, I still find it amazing how much there is to explore °-°
  7. Sid: SidMachinery Steamprofile: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197966405212
  8. damn :/ again so close :( One day I will win something aaswell :> Anyways gratz to the winner! =)
  9. 40 cubes bid with cubes and diamonds as discussed in chat =)
  10. 24 is all I got atm in cubes, but Ill try to make some more to increase the bid to 35 (or further if needed). Also screen will come later, have to go to my university now :D
  11. 24 cubes and a nice 1 cap on the leather 717 hp 682 rate 800 dmg 717 range You have to value it =) If the increase is too low I can also add an overcapped 3 cap clava (625 hp 600 rate 607 dmg 176 range 87 ups left) or a 1 cap ultclava (dmg or hp cap). For making a value for that write me at steam ;)
  12. lol, 50 cubes? I call out 100 at least! This piece is beast for monk/traptress
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