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  1. You only really need 2 dps characters though, one ranged one melee. aswell as the 4 builders of course.
  2. (name) the (name) best i could come up with.
  3. No End (Peat and Repeat were in a boat, Peat fell out, who was left? Repeat Best way to secretly spam.)
  4. sorry about this, I have played some of the games mentioned with Vilethorn in it but did not realize the name i had come up with wasn't original. *cough* Sanguine Rose *cough* . Also I almost didn't enter the competition because I thought I would never win it, so sorry for any inconvenience (an entire forum) although it does make me feel special to have an entire forum about something i did. Also I love the game even though my laptop can't run it properly. Also what type of defender do i count as? (lucky?)
  5. SID: The Taco Bred Man Link: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198042121977 Love the events!:summoner: He sees you when you don't
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