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  1. Well, one cannot take your valuables with you... 250 cubes
  2. BB Atherial I hope, as others have said and done, you will go and then come back again in the future. I think you always wanted the best for DD
  3. Nice post. However, I feel that your cons list should include a clearer statement to the effect that this is an RNG based game and allowing rerolls on anything is a departure from this and, further, is a slippery slope. Notwithstanding the fact that I am not in favour, I do like the idea of renaming rerolled items if the concept is implemented.
  4. Not for me. Item colour (with size, stats and all) forms part of the RNG of the game. What next? Rerolling size, then stats within the item then negs? If done, and i see slightly more yaes than naes above then I am also not sure why it would need coal rather than mana (say 100bill) - said even as a big lover of WW and making diamonds
  5. ALthough largely retired to the great Etherian Crystal in the sky this is a nice idea as it keeps community activity alive at a more modest level of event team time. We all appreciate the time commitment these guys give (thx again) so this might help max involvement by not overloading the small group of volunteers
  6. Hey mate thanks for offering! Already bought them from Dova! :-) Cool.
  7. Thx to Lolzocatz for running us and as ever the event team for designing the map and running the waiting room etc For me this was one of the best event maps for ages - well done and thanks everyone involved (including Arcama who did all the building)
  8. Merry Christmas to Etheria's stalwart defenders I also wish you all an Orc and Giant free New Year
  9. Original Isoms as in from the initial event are so rare it will not be one of those Isoms given in more recent giveaways should be easily traceable Anything else is 99.99999999999 duped... EDIT FOR CLARITY: .... or downright hacked
  10. Thx again to map designer (I really liked this one) and host Bergz and everyone else involved
  11. How are you pulling event items out of your ass left and right is my question? You literally started playing on Sept 12. You somehow know about stealing items when you've barely played the game, and you've claimed multiple times that you've gotten event items from an event host that clearly has not given you a single event item. So, please, enlighten me where you're getting all these said "event items". So happy to come by now and again and see that there are still people on the forum who care enough to call something like this
  12. Really - Aside from perhaps one given away in a recent forum giveaway have you seen any for sale recently? One of THE rarest and most collectable event items. 1,000 cubes too low
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