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  1. I've made one, i would call them more of an upgrade slave, combo him with a monkey and genie,(ive tried other combos and and because of the range this works the best) after that put all your points into casting rate. trust me i have around 2k is casting rate and its still fairly slow, my goal is get it around 3k. you could gear him for pure dps but i just dont see the point, as other classes are alot more effective at it.
  2. EDIT: nvm its hacked are you sure because i traded my ult++ glad for it, and i was hesitant at first, i didn't exactly check it but you'll notice the speed projectile bonus is extremely low (about half of my older e cannon). I figured that's why the damage was so high.
  3. Did you upgrade it? yes 510/511
  4. how about this e cannon?
  5. For Armor Sets what should you focus on, Prioritizing Hero Boosts or Hero Attack After Resistances for the most dps?
  6. This is pretty much my story when i first started! Got a 87 monk, 85 monk, 83 summoner, 78 squire, 85 jester, 76 EV, 83 apprentice, 80 traptress and i still cant farm coal :) im in a similiar situation just a little further into the game. All you need to do is find out which map is best for dropping the next armour you need then farm that for new gear. Try different building methods because the same tactic doesnt work on every map which you will find out later. Ramparts is a good map once you have done it a few times and find yourself a good setup. Once you get to 74, you can buy some semi-dec
  7. "And I actually decided to play a game with friends and we all started at 0 from the beginning, the rule is you cant switch heroes. And this seemed to have brought back the "team strategy aspect" that the higher levels seems to be missing." This is what you really should of done from the start, if you have friends on the same level just try to avoid online completely until you have finished the NM campaign and at least the insane shards campaign. Ad for progression past 74 it is not the greatest system in the world but it is by no means impossible to do solo. endless spires wave 1
  8. The problem is you joined a NM game...Now you sky rocketed your level to higher levels with the gear not to match. So now that you are there what you want to do is give us a little more info. Are you in Godly gear or Myth gear? What level are you trying to farm and on what difficulty? What classes do you have? Here's a Rundown of my current heroes These are all builders I have no dps currently. Monk (86) 1490, 2300, 1200, 1600 Squire (78) 304, 1600, 672, 1450 Summoner (80) 700, 1630, 1440, 1600 Ev (78) 1500, 1520, 0, 1020
  9. Possible long read. Maybe this will turn into a rambling post. Bought the Game a week ago. First couple days was a lot of fun learning the ins and outs and now i'm finally getting into the higher level play. However as I'm finally transitioning from noob status to intermediate some aspects about this game kinda ruin the experience for me. First is the incredible fast way to level with no effort. One day while I was still learning I did a "quick match" and got put into a nightmare game. After one wave I jumped from 33-70 and I was like "holy ****". So I switched to my other heroes and in
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