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  1. Too little too late. I seen a friend playing this and couldn't imagine why anyone would keep playing this only to find out there was new DLC released. Sadly Minecraft is less than two weeks out, and I refuse to waste more money on something plagued with modders. Not to mention we will never see any of the DLC, other classes, or even the weapon I was promised to be named after me. Broken promises and dreams. Trendy has joined the ranks of Uber ent. as far as crappy indie devs on console. /rant
  2. Last night, we posted the news that nobody wanted to see. We had come to the conclusion that the PC-only content -- the new heroes, the Holiday DLC, and yes, even Nightmare Mode -- would be staying PC-only. You can read more about it here. I know thats a hard pill to swallow. I felt terrible writing that post, and I cant imagine being on the receiving end of it. Reading through the comments from the post we made last night, Id like to clarify that we were not sitting on this information to string you, our fans, along. It wasnt until recently that the conclusion that this content would not b
  3. I am still missing the explanation on what is so fun about modding. It ruins the challenge of the game and it ruins the thrill of farming and finding a better weapon/armor. I don't know maybe it is just me. It's the art of trolling. I like trolling people as much as the next guy, but the fact is there is legit trolling, and people who are just lazy, and result to the form of "umadbro?" trolling that a properly trained monkey could pull off. I remember ages ago when I worked fast-food, my manager played BF2 and he mentioned to me he hacked, got CD keys for like $5 bucks so if he got banned
  4. *yawn* getting old hearing you say the same stuff day in day out... Wish he would just get banned already for being a toolbag, but I guess you can't ban someone for being a tool. :/ In regards to the thread, I wanted to quote NLe but too lazy to new tab, copy & paste, in regards to his comment, he's just being a realist. I look forward to the patch and see what they change. I really want news of when we can expect the second DLC pack or more importantly an ETA on if and when we will ever possibly get event content, or the new classes, including the female (and 1 male) toons? I've all
  5. It's possible that we won't get nightmare but really who cares? Right now insane is hard enough(at least for me) that we don't even NEED a nightmare mode, if we got nightmare mode tomorrow I might actually end up gettting discouraged that I'll /never/ get all the achievements for 360, insane is totally kicking my butt at the moment, I probably have crap gear for my squire but some challenges I can't even complete even on easy(No Towers challenge I can't complete with my squire, my crystal gets screwed horribly) Also why are you trying to promote another game on this game's forums? shouldn't
  6. You can't honestly be surprised that the digest is light on console news? Haha I wasn't. This^
  7. I picked the option that provides the most DLC, so I went with holiday junk and outfits. Granted we will likely never see these since outfits were listed as a PC only thing from day 1, the events would still be nice. Trendy as even said they would like to get them to us, so I would be happy for those. Maybe one day... who knows. At the moment I'm just interested to see how they handle this upcoming patch they are promising to submit by the end of this month. Depending on how well they handle that, we'll see if it bought them a few more months of devotion.
  8. PS3 gamers feel free to chime in too. I was just wondering if anyone was going to recommend this to anyone they know who has yet to play it. Frankly I'm between the Yes and the Maybe option, only for the fact anyone I know who would be interested in playing has purchased the game. I'm just curious if other people think it's a steal at 800 MSP ($10). I still think for what you get it's a crazy good deal.
  9. Are they not releasing a Lost Shard DLC every month? Ohh, I thought that's just what I heard or read on the IGN article. BTW, how do you put your GT and characters as a signature? Yeah I read that too, and someone posted the quote farther down. You should keep in mind they are almost always referring to PC though. However when it comes to DLC, they try to time a release across all platforms. Not the said is "planned", but didn't say "you can look forward to new DLC every month" or "the 5th of each month we will have new DLC". Like said most places try to release stuff like this across
  10. I see someone else wonders why there are two things on treadmills under the stairs. Still waiting to hear from TE about this :/ Not to be that guy, but I won't hold my breath.
  11. What does it matter if the "rich kids" have all the items? Money buy can't skill and this isn't a pvp game either. It doesn't matter if we all have the best in game items. Obviously you missed the announcement on CTF, and the fact Trendy is releasing a PvP map with all the DLC packs. Granted this game at its core isn't PvP, but they want to try and make it a viable game mode. However, I never thought of the buying weapons and such as being unbalanced. Although in most other games it is. Ionno, in short it's whatevs. :s
  12. I dont like playing games on computer.. It gives me a headache and it is very uncomfortable, Also i cant afford to drop 1000$ on a new computer like you can.. (obviously showing your not a console gamer with that sort of talk) And nobody gives me str8 answers... Yet they give me jibber jabber like you give me... How about if you dont have an answer dont sit here and write a bunch of stuff thinking your going to change my mind when you arent. :O ps: I bet we wont see patch notes for like 4 months. Obviously English isn't your first language or you would clearly see I eluded to the fact I w
  13. At this point you just want a genie with good mana gain bonus, and a high hero damage that you can upgrade. You usually don't want negative stats, but I would say invisibility is the exception. While it does have its uses that stat won't hinder its overall usefulness. I know mine personally has something like -14, but still has one of the higher hero damage bonuses on a genie I have seen. Also since you are only 38, don't think you will never see one again. While they are uncommon, they aren't super rare.
  14. Please bring a store to the PSN where I can buy my eliteness with real life cash. End of Line. The hypocrisy of this statement is lulz. However, I understand you frustration and wanting to deal with it, even if it means spending some RL money. In regards to your second statement, almost done with the fourth season. Second time through ftw. Made me buy this toy Cylon Raider. Anyways... >_> So basically he wants DLC lol. Chup.
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