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  1. This is nonsense. I myself played solo the whole game and I just did the first map of NM3 solo with iPWR 420 and 470 builders. It seems to me that you just want a fast way to the top.
  2. It's just early access that costs 20 USD. The game is still in alpha and once it comes out it will be F2P.
  3. Yes, and a separate option to sell everything from the temporary bag!
  4. I feel like she's missing some aoe damage on her basic attacks. At least consider making her charged (RMB) attack pierce through enemies. Her abilities, on the other hand, are very good imo.
  5. I think trendy will have to do some remodelling on that one... x) At least he can also scare the crap out of the ennemies. Why would they remodel, it looks pretty good to me :P
  6. Oh nice, I was looking at him but he didn't look like a lizard to me, and now I realized his head is on the bottom ^^
  7. What in the hell is on the 7th picture ? The face on the balloon trap (I guess) What is on the 5th and 6th screenshot?
  8. Became councilor because Laura awesomely gave me one for winning the Pax Lanyard give away. When the lanyard arrives in the mail I got a picture for you all coming. -Vys Oh nice, I'm glad you got it. Congratulations :D
  9. Unfortunately 10 pm CST would be too late for me (well any time CST would be too late, because you know, I live on the other side of the world :( ) I guess I'll have to stay up late :P btw Vys when did you become a councillor? Did I miss something? :P
  10. Now, whats in the game? - Fundamentals - 3 maps - Unbalanced mobs - Instant leveling system - Lots of bugs Actually there are more than 3 maps (6 or 7 I think) and the leveling system works fine, they just made it instant for the PAX build. Just thought people should know this :P
  11. howd u get to play did u win a code or is there certain times everyone can play....:huntress: Councillors and friends (friends get to play till April 21st) are able to play every weekend, from Friday to Monday.
  12. server got closed an hour ago :p was slaying the Ogre! lol Yeah we've just noticed lol time to come up with a plan B :P
  13. I apologize if our conversation seems random but it is indeed helping me come up with better ideas for my stream (which shall begin in approximately 20 mins). It is constructive feedback my good sir, I assure you. I think you quoted the wrong post :P OK I'll be waiting on twitch
  14. Not to be rude or anything but do everyone in this forum need to see this conversation? Why do you keep on bumping this thread like its a chat? The title is about a stream (which I have not yet seen myself :/ ) but you are talking about kitties and girlfriends.. Well the op was the one who mentioned his girlfriend (which was stream related somehow), and there was a cat meowing in his stream so it's all about his stream. And i think we are allowed to go off topic now and then :P Didn't you win a council seat in the last blog? How come you're not a councillor?
  15. As would I! Maybe Laura got some pics of them? -Vys We need Laura to upload ALL the photos Trendy took, not just the cosplay ones :P
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