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  1. They've always said that there isn't going to be any PvP in DD2
  2. If it's still under NDA and the game isn't even going to be released, what's the point of the NDA then?!
  3. but I dont want to make it private I want to share it for everyone to see
  4. Hello all... Okay so awhile back when DDII was suppose to be a Moba, I was playing in the alpha with alpha testers. I was under strict NDA and couldn't upload any footage. Today I went through some of my folders and found lots of footage that goes way beyond 50gb worth. I'd like to get it off my PC and onto youtube. Would any staff members be against this? I'd really like to get my 50+gb space back soon.
  5. Defense Counselor Letsfu here to discuss possibly a low development change to town. Sometimes I get bored in town and with this change, it may become fun. Just like the Building area, this area should be roughly made the same way to keep everyone interested. This area will be known as the dead zone. A small area by the east north gate, that is simply free for all, where everyone becomes hostile in that area(No Towers). You do get to respawn back in town the moment you die normally as you would if you fell of the stage. Players from outside the dead zone cannot affect the players inside, vice versa. I think the Dead Zone would start from behind the costumes, left side of tavern/bar, and goes to the catapult beside the relic dealer. I know that there are people who aren't exactly interested in seeing this kind of content in this game, and for the people who do, like me, want to have some sort of content. Willing to compensate just a small way that won't even bother those who don't care for it. It may be fun just to have it for everyone, I really have no idea what it would do, but I'm willing to see what does happen. You might get more suggestions and feedback about this area or pvp in general if you implement it; however, the statements mentioned about pvp seemed to be taken further then what it was meant to. It would be nice to see it in game somehow and I'd like to hear what everyone thinks for a simple optional area for optional fun.
  6. I think as far as codes they don't need to incorporate RNG
  7. "chance" to get 200 or AL... I guess my luck is straight trash.
  8. The code I received in my E-mail said 200 medals or an Abyss Lord which I've not acquired yet. I only received 50 medals. Any help would be appreciated. Sincerely, Your Loyal Defender Letsfu
  9. I've tried twice to incubate an egg and each time I go check the egg... the egg is missing and there is nothing there to see. I checked the hatchery and my inventory and I don't see anything.
  10. I'm trying to install second wave on my Galaxy Tab and it stops at 38% of TutorialMovie.mp4_5. Is there anyway I can just install it onto my PC instead or something. I always have issues on my galaxy tab.
  11. I get black screen when trying to load dd, also when trying to connect to the game it reboots my tab
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