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  1. I've encountered this problem through out the lower 1-4 chaos tiers. I've used Oil Geysers and Flame auras, Huntress abilities, and he can't be killed until the game kills him. In some cases he glitched my ability of the huntress to animate wrong and not even penetrate his frost bubble for some reason.
  2. Thanks for the help again. Ill give these two different things a try! all i want to do right now is get to 65 to do the resets.
  3. Btw I'm Still playing solo, and I'm now having trouble with Controlled burn and Air. Controlled burn problem: So it seems that slimes and bees aren't always enough. Sense there are Cyber orcs in just about every lane, Oil geyser, geyser trap get taken out/ stunned to quickly and the PDTs don't pierce so they don't really help at all. anyone have in other suggestions that would make this lane easier? The Dive bombers and the Cyber bombers problem: Right now what I'm doing is just putting a tower up (usually frosty), and having a Totem equipped in its slot. That kind of works, but then the tow
  4. Ah cool, A lot of others are telling me to just try the Abyss lords Rams. Tested my towers yesterday and I think they should be able to get the job done. Thanks for the help so far everyone
  5. So for AA you put Obelisk and 2 Hornets (which also means a tree to then?) don't the hornets just go to the near by lanes and attack those instead?
  6. I'm playing on PC. Mostly Frost like enemies. The Fast runners.
  7. For the life of me I can't get past this floor solo. been stuck on it for 12+ hours or 2 days. Tried all sorts of different builds. Currently 4 Dryad: Tree/dps, Bees, Slimes, Cloud / Initiate: AA / Apprentice: Tanky Frostys is what gets the farthest. I check each lane schedule and build accordingly. So if you can give me some help either with constructive criticism, build tips, or even hands on help I would much appreciate. Tired of going at this **mod edit*** wall.
  8. Tree Idea: I think the tree is almost finished, keep it a blockade and Improve its defensive aspect. But Change it to be more like the weapon manufacturer. Where you can place X amount of seeds (Nodes) that have an aura, within that aura you are able to build beyond the trees normal build aura. Base seed amount could be 2-3. You would reduce the tree Cost, and add the cost to the seeds. Upgrading would be like other blockades, able to be upped 4 times. Shard Ideas: improved Seed Quantity upping it from 2-3 seed to 4-5 seeds. Seed/ tree build aura increase X%. Slimes
  9. Now up to C5, getting my butt handed to me XD. Looking for more to progress with.
  10. I'm looking to play the game regularly and would prefer to play with at least 1 other, wouldn't mind a full group or even a guild if those even exist anymore. Soloing may be easier, it tends to take out the diversity of plaything with others and learning from it. I'm currently in c2 difficulty range and working to progress further. If anyone is interested in playing feel free to add me on Steam. Vorric Strix (Leeroy), Profile picture is of the Apprentice.
  11. Hello Everyone, I'm looking for more players to progress with. I'm Currently able to solo c2. I main Mystic as a Dps, and have a decent auras build and towers set up. I would prefer it if you spoke English. I use, and have discord if need be. Feel free to leave a reply and I'll get back to you
  12. well just had to quit a map because i didn't have a way to kill a stuck roller that wouldn't of taken hours to kill. They tend to get stuck in small width lanes Like the far right lane on Betsy. But it seems they can get stuck on any map even in non small width lanes.
  13. Hello Trendy, Just reporting a bug with full screen mode. I use to run the game in Full screen (Windowed), but my mouse kept flying off the game and interacting with the background. (i would like a cursor lock implemented, if possible, to stay within the game window). Then changed it to Full screen mode, but in about 5 min intervals my game minimizes. at first I thought it was maybe an anti virus update, but I turned that and other programs that have similar actions off. That didn't change it. So I believe your game is having a weird full screen issue.
  14. thought on the dev stream it was claimed that solo players wont be running into more then 2 rollers a wave. well im running into 3 right now. 
  15. psh they will leave the shields behind, i mean goblins aren't the smartest, itll be like forgetting the oven is on and stepping out. They won't remember their shields and the patch will come out sooner then expected right?
  16. Not sure if anyone else feels the same way, and this may not go for every character. To me the Dryad needs work on her attack animations, they seem hardly engaging. She attacks standing straight up and swinging a sword wildly. To me this is just a place holder, do to lack of time or will, to the creation of what could be engaging combat animations. I like the idea you implemented for Heavy-Medium-Light weapons of the Monk and Squire, but I don't think those are quite enough either. Maybe working in the abilities into that auto attacks could have an added benefit. For an Example the squires S
  17. I have also run into this problem, and will also submit it to bugs.
  18. When I did 112 or so on siphon site it took around 11 too. Yeah I understand that the time it took wasn't the fastest it could've been done. This was an Open room, so there were others coming and going, afk to get some food, or use the rest room. So it didn't always have a quick wave start. That wasn't my intention in the first place. If I was testing in a min maxing way, i would've managed my time and had the room closed. The room was an open experience to help others get gear, and test my defense limits. I was able to answer some questions about weapons, heroes and defenses. So its okay t
  19. Hello everyone, Just wanted to thank the various people who visited my Onslaught room as i climbed my way to Wave set 100. I began on 10/21/2016 at 9pm and ended the run on 10/22/2016 at 12:45 pm Just under 16 hours of onslaught game play. To say the least I'm very tired XD. But wanted to thank everyone for stopping by. My personal best increased from wave set 46 to 62 with my build. After that i had another AngelofChaos take over the helm of defense. They brought me the remainder of the way with their fierce PDT towers, EV Beams, and Chilling Ice turrets. I was able to achieve a goal i n
  20. Yes but that isn't what happened there. We killed him he dropped another shield, and then we opened the chest. We ended the map and then chose to go back to the tavern. when we got to the Tavern i was missing 1/2 shields (we just did 2 runs), and 1/2 of the loot from doing 2 runs. And okay about Bug 1, I still find that off that the harbinger doesn't drop all the items with his name at random, and the shield being the only one he drops. Doesn't make sense. But thanks for the help and clarification to his loot table.
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