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  1. I already knew the Huntress could probably beat me to a pulp, but this just makes it painfully obvious...
  2. No all the characters are still there on the xbox however every piece of gear I worked so hard to get was gone it happened from crashing and is a known issue that wont be addressed so I was like **** this why would I wanna try and rebuild when it could happen again after another 400 hrs of game play. Yell at Microsoft. And I'm not saying this as a TrendyEnt fanboy or anything. Rather as an experienced GFWL user. Game developers sell their souls to Microsoft if they publish anything on either the XBox or on the PC with GFWL implemented. They have policies that make patches/updates take wee
  3. What "front bridge"...? I don't recall any bridges on the Summit.
  4. Microsoft are not known for quality support or quality anything related to online gaming. There's a reason GFWL is considered evil incarnate on the PC and any game that uses it for a PC release is branded as cursed for all eternity.
  5. Nevermind. I'm blind. Already available: http://afshin.bandcamp.com/album/dungeon-defenders-ost
  6. So basically... the reason the Squire is wearing boxers... is that he was half way done cross-dressing when he was called to do battle with the encroaching evil forces. It all makes sense now! :squire:
  7. Well, technically, the Huntress' default outfit is reminiscent of Santa's elves.
  8. So, uh... what's the Huntress going to be then?
  9. After buying the New Heroes DLC, when choosing a character class to create from the character creation menu, I noticed two things a bit off: 1. For the Ranger, the text names his ability "Invisibility Field" while the narrator says "Invisibility Shield." 2. Also, for the Ranger, but probably the same for all the new class audio description recordings: the audio quality seems off. There's some sort of droning or humming or just a depth to the audio that isn't present in the audio descriptions of the original four classes. Nothing major, but figured I'd report it. Hopefully, this t
  10. Too bad you can't get Dungeon Defenders as a birthday present since you already have it. I'm hard pressed to think of a game I'd be as glad to receive as a b-day present as DD. MMOs require subscriptions, which makes an iffy present. All the huge latest "blockbuster" type games require a top of the line PC to enjoy fully, or if you already have a top of the line PC, you probably have them already anyway. And many are just interactive movies rather than actual games.
  11. My main point here is that I would have been very happy to see that the female character in a video game, for once, wasn't just there to be a sex symbol for the male players. ANYTHING can be a "sex symbol." It isn't the creators who make it so. It's the consumers. I look at this and I see a 3D model of a beautiful girl: Others will look at it and see a "sexy girl." Others still will look at it and see a "sex object." And so forth. It doesn't matter what age the creators intended the characters to be. They made some creative and awesome looking characters, and I take my hat off
  12. Curious. So not knowing a key when you're new to a game makes you a "noob," yet not knowing how to use the built in chat functionality to tell a new player about a single key makes you a "pro?" I can just imagine the OP sitting there, fuming through an entire "50 times as long" multiplayer game: Why don't you know the key, noob?! If there was some sort of chat function in this game, I'd tell you what to do, but there isn't, so you're a noob!
  13. IMHO, this guy should get banned from the forum for his behavior. Jm2c A warning would be more appropriate. It may be said brutally and with terrible grammar, but the point is solid.
  14. Go back to ur office and work harder! Today no sleep for u! (again) :> Give them a break. Can't have the entire TrendyEnt team keeling over before they fully produce the CTF mode. One must show compassion for slaves, lest they die off and you are left with a half built golden tower depicting only a portion of your epic and unfathomable glory. ^ Disclaimer: The above is sarcasm. In light of some truly ridiculous threads complaining about some truly ridiculous things, I figured a disclaimer would be necessary, lest some of the posters from those threads take that sentiment seriously
  15. Already grabbed the new heroes DLC some days ago on a smaller sale. Now time to grab all the others I don't have yet since they're so cheap.
  16. Lack of content, class imbalances, lack of holiday special events and maps, and the like are not going to be what kills the game you have worked so hard to make great. What is going to kill it is server instability. I disagree. I believe doomcrying threads are what are going to kill the game.
  17. Oh, and of course, can't forget to mention the awesome soundtrack: http://afshin.bandcamp.com/album/dungeon-defenders-ost
  18. Flawless logic. I applaud it. /sarcasm By that reasoning, I should've waited until now to buy games that were released in 2001 since they're now on sale often for really low prices. Yeah, no, thanks. Oh, and they really should start banning for such provocative (read: childish) usernames.
  19. So, thats your defense for the rapid patching and constant tweaks to the game that have ZERO testing? Wait, what are you trying to defend again? that you like dungeon defenders? I really didn't see the point to your post as it really just elaborated that you where pleased with the product, found little bugs at launch, and it validated everything that has happened since. I don't have to defend anything. Least of all before you. You clearly have issues if you can't even keep from flinging trash in an appreciation thread. "Bawww, but I spent money!" Yes, you did. You made a choice. A
  20. You people need to get with the times. Either stick to your guns and stop buying new games all together, because nowadays EVERYONE is selling DLCs, or accept it as an evolution of the market and embrace it. Mud slinging it isn't going to change anything. Anyone can make up a bunch of negativity about anything. Doesn't take much.
  21. Uhh shadow, you know they made this for the iphone and ipad first right? much earlier than the pc and console versions. I like the game too, however... It had been in development for so long it came and left the steam store at least twice. Huge dev time, you better have a good product after all that work right? I believe I had this game on my steam wishlist for well over a year and a half, thats also about another year and a half from the time I saw videos about it. I'm aware, but a full-fledged PC release is quite different from mobile platforms like that. Also, releasing something
  22. Ever since launch I was amazed by the level of quality Dungeon Defenders boasted. When I heard in one of the dev diaries that the TrendyEnt "indie" team consisted of veteran game developers, I have to say, I thought they were probably twisting the truth, throwing some subliminal messaging in there, etc. But it turned out to be the truth. I look around and see huge game developers making mistakes all over the place in the most basic and important aspects of their games -- things that should never go overlooked or badly designed -- and then I look at TrendyEnt and Dungeon Defenders and I see
  23. ZOMG! An indie company that managed to release a high quality game that rivals huge game developers' products at a fraction of the cost is selling DLCs! This cannot stand! Stop the presses! All must know of this grave injustice! /sarcasm
  24. So you stated that you have already solved this as you dont switch and prefer to challenge yourself. That great! But then you ruin by stating its not a fix as you somehow are bothered by how other people play the game which in no way affects you. Its a wierd trend these days . "i like the way i play this game, make everyone have to do it!!" It's a multiplayer game. It does affect me. And it does affect everyone. If you can't see that, I don't know how else to explain it. If DD were a single player game like Orcs Must Die! then the argument of it being an "optional" feature would be viabl
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