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  1. Not in development for consoles? :( Hopefully that changes soon! Very unliekly. M$Soft and $ony like to put developers in very tough financial positions.
  2. Engage automatic response: You guys were playing on the official Trendy server, right?
  3. I understand now why major publishing companies keep development news internally as much as possible and prefer to only release final games for review. Exactly. The people who freak out ruin it for the people who are interested to see how the development process is going along.
  4. Just stop. TheQuestion raised some valid points. Grey-1 is right. It's fine if you enjoy the current state of the game, but there's no reason for personal attacks. Time will tell if Trendy is actually able to right this ship. From a objective standpoint, it's pretty hard to dispute a lot of the things thequestion has stated. Could he have been less passive-aggressive? Yes, but it's pretty obvious to most people that Trendy and DD2's future is cloudy at best. To say otherwise is simply naivete'. It has been a rough 2013, lets hope Trendy is able to turn it around soon before its too late. If by "valid points" you mean "pure speculation without hard evidence," you're right!
  5. Sigh. Btw Kriptini is one of the 10-15 who will sit in queue for hours just to play a single game. Bam, troll confirmed. Implying you know me or even how often I log in? Please. You went from 9/10 to 2/10. Heck, I was a better troll than you, and all I ever did was spam "******** is not OP."
  6. I stopped reading at "over one year of development with little to show for it." Up until then, it was a very subtle troll. 9/10, would get fooled again.
  7. Not trying to dismiss your credibility, classic, but nothing he has done iss a breach of NDA AFAIK.
  8. I thought the ability to copy your ranked characters to the open game mode worked well.
  9. I don't think PvE heroes should be so balanced that they're all equal. There should be different flavors of hero towers: Blockades, Traps, Shooters, Support towers, etc. I think that each hero should specialize in a certain type of tower, but should still have one or two from other types so that heroes aren't pidgeonholed. Also, I want to say that Monk can solo Glitterhelm on Insane+ if you follow a certain build and have a bit of good RNG with ogre spawns.
  10. Okay, I'm gonna defend Karathiki here. It's not a good map for just playing whenever, but IMO, it's a hugely important map because it teaches you how to be self-sufficient during co-op which is hugely needed for Crystal Dimension. My friends and I would practice on Karathiki before doing CD and it was very helpful.
  11. On console the App was the most OP char. Consoles are irrelevant because they weren't receiving patches anyways. Harpoons weren't what I would call OP, that's what the Sumnoner was. Not sure how you can have played through NM KG and be able to make that claim. Summoners were very good and even necessary on many maps, but compared to poons... they weren't THAT necessary. Squires can't kill Dijins very well IMO. That's a fair point, though most Djinns I encountered usually channeled their beams low enough to the ground to be whacked by my Monk's weapon.
  12. I totally disagree with the idea of having a particular class being necessary to tank ogres. That is just going backwards. PvE will need to be balanced harder than PvP, IMO. If there's a PvE character that's as UP as Apprentice was in DD1, it needs to get fixed. PvE characters can have their strengths and weaknesses, sure, but when one hero is consistently the best for EVERY single map *cough poons and buff beams cough*, then there needs to be some buffing or changing of the content in question. Also, as far as the DLC mobs go, Djinn were the best because they were a threat to all defenses (yet also able to be fought by all defenses/heroes) unlike the Spiders or Sharken, which would just get obliterated by auras or traps without being able to touch them.
  13. One thing I think everyone will agree with is that ogre spawns should be lower than crystals not above them. In place where ogres are walking down a hill they have a habit of throwing you down the hill with their knockback, which is incredibly irritating for close range speced chars. (some examples are the top lane on aquanoses, not sure its normally an ogre spawn but it's annoying on surv, also the lane leading down toward the middle crystal in gliterhelm and the top lane on endless spires.) Try putting your back to a wall.
  14. Hybrids do have their place, you just need to find the right gear and settle with the fact you can't cap multiple stats on armor. Active builders get a 30% damage increase bonus. That's how they're rewarded. I played a Hybrid Monk through NM modes and he was okay, but even with that 30% damage bonus, you can't use a builder character during the round because you NEED DPS for the hard NM modes (KG, Akatiki, Summit, etc.) Even Crystal Dimension was impossible to do with a builder character instead of a DPS (and no, not because of the boss at the end.)
  15. King's Gate Nightmare was super lame... I know that NM modes are supposed to be hard (especially KG), but when the most viable solution is placing harpoon turrets in a square on each floor with a buff beam for each... you gotta wonder if maybe there's a different way to make maps "difficult." Maybe you could incorporate boss mechanics into levels themselves? For example, the Demon Lord had a thing where if you broke the four electricity towers, he would take damage and be stunned. What if there's a level where monsters periodically flood out of a certain gate, and you have to crank a valve to make them slow down before too many come out? I dunno, something like that. Also, having separate builders and DPSers is... lame. I know it increases depth, and I personally can't think of a better system, but it would be really nice if hybrid builds were more effective or something... I just don't like the concept of builders. It's like they're condemned to sit in my item box and only come out once a map.
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