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  1. Where is the support for this game? I lost hundreds of hours of work and no response at all to tickets. Seems I'm not the only one either... Very disappointed, Trendy. I had such high hopes for this game after the first one.
  2. I've been waiting a week on my ticket. With this kind of support, it's no wonder people are moving on to other games.
  3. Yes, I logged a ticket I think. It says "request" not ticket though, I hope this is right. Here's the email I received: Greetings Defender, Your request (23420) has been received. We are investigating your issue and will reply to you as soon as possible! We appreciate your patience. If you have any additional comments that you would like to add, please reply to this email. Sincerely, T.E. Community Support Team
  4. Same thing just happened to me too. I was in public match, Chaos III and everything just disappeared.
  5. I just logged a ticket on this, but does anyone know if they'll actually be able to restore everything? I'm Ascension 85 so I've spent a lot of time on the game and literally every single item I've collected is now gone in the middle of a Chaos III match.
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