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  1. WRONG, don't listen to this clown! He thinks Aquanos gives huge amounts of XP. Max resist when you get good enough armor. Coming from a noob who can't even solo aquanos without towers and no crystal dmg. When you can prove me wrong the. I'll shut up. Until then you have no clue what your talking about.
  2. Don't max resists, just get armor with good resists and max out dmg. As huntress using invisibility is not to costly if you are actually killing stuff. Maxing out dmg so you kill everything besides ogres in 1 shot is far superior to killing slower, and being able to survive a few hits when you could kill everything before they even get close to you. Lower dmg means more dmg from things on your towers, more detonations on traps, and so on. Overall max dps is better and even if you do die, it is really no big deal as long as the crystal never gets hit.
  3. Even so, they knew what they were doing long before they even tried to make the port. Alternatively they could lower the cost of mana to upgrade on console so that upgrading 100 times cost say 50% of a 200 upgrade item, thus making it faster
  4. Probably not. Trendy tried getting it cleared for EU and it was declined. Unless they decide to fix what ever was not liked about it, there will b no sky city in eu.
  5. Most weapons in game cap out at 80 base dmg per upgrade and most of the time elemental dmg caps around 380-400. You can get 22k+ elemental dmg on most weapons in 75-78 upgrades even while upgrading alternative stats along the way ( projectile speed, ammo, block dmg % for squire, ect ect ). On the other hand depending on base dmg the same amount of upgrades will only get you to around 4k - 4200ish base dmg. The only way to do more dps with base dmg is to get very high hero dmg. I got a crossbow that has 22k+ electric dmg ( least common resist in game ) which is nice it will always hit that much dmg per shot no matter what. I got a 91 upgrade chain gun with 6k base dmg and it hits for 23k dmg per shot. I got almost 600 hero dmg so this is the only reason the dmg is pretty close, not to mention the chain gun has higher level requirement and way more upgrades than the bow to pass the dps per shot. But, obviously any one would pick the chain gun over the bow cause its base dmg and shoots more shots per second ( bow capped at 7 shots per second ). In general elemental dmg vs base dmg on the exact same item with exact same hero stats and upgrade levels, elemental will always win hands down. If your weapon does electric dmg you don't have to worry to much about resists, as electric resists is the least common. In general it is not really necessary to be hitting 1m base dmg dps as that is entirely overkill. In general I would pump base dmg till you can hit 500k dps, then use rest into hero dmg or tower stats, or even elemental dmg, what ever else you want really. Sure ogres can get 3m + hp in insane + with 4 players in high rounds, but 500k dps is plenty to take care of them. 99% of the time you will be killing things with less than 100k hp from survival 1 - 30 (25 if not dlc). Also if you can hit 1m dps you would not be playing with others half the time like most players who basically solo the game unless their to under geared to do anything past glitterhelm. Don't discount elemental dmg just because some mobs will occasionally be resistant to you, that's what familiars/ pets are for. Get an animus, or the bird that shoots arrows, or skittles, or skittles like familiars. They can take care of what ever you can't.
  6. Doesn't prove nothing. Aquanos no towers, no damage received, no crystal dmg, best xp in game, try it and we see who truly doesn't know what their talking about. I know more than any of you, maybe I am just having fun on the forums to get people talking, this forum is 90% dead anyways.
  7. Normal tower apprentice is the same as wall apprentice, or you don't know how to play apprentice, you know which one it is. You can get 16 characters on the same account if you know how. Also I only played 2 days on my hunter and I'm 83. I have a job and I go to college as well, how far can you get in 2 days from scratch. I just got misty and the other DLC's as well so I was grinding the hard way long before this.
  8. What's the point in having more than 8 characters on console? We only got the 4 starter characters so u only need at most 2 of each for tower, or hero character. Although I think it's much more reasonable to us only 4 characters and have a set for tower and a set for dps. Not like mana is a problem and buying a reset is painful.
  9. Nah aquanos gives better exp for the time it takes than you can do misty wave 1 resets. [redacted]
  10. Aquanos on insane + gives better exp than misty wave 1 resets if you do the whole thing.
  11. What's the point of having these modes on PS3? They offer no super loot, offer no better experience, or anything. Any point of these on PS3 can be beat through running misty or aquanos for xp, and drops, maybe even glitterhelm for drops for starting gear. If your pet farming survival is the same thing and is easier. Why have harder game modes and offer nothing for doing them. If I do mixed mode and am forced to fight tons of wyvern's and ninja's and kobolds at the start I should be getting some sort of benefit for the increased difficulty. Surely insane + mixed mode is far more difficult than normal or survival insane +.
  12. Maybe not for Xbox though, Microsoft likes to essentially scam ppl if they want to make a patch for a game (hint hint)
  13. Theoretically speaking how would you do it. Pm me: DWROWLA
  14. Any one know how to skip waves? I saw some one doing it would like to learn how
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