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  1. It's a rhythm game. Example here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PeD7uG9hn88 You can pretty much play any song(if there is a beatmap for it.) Looks just like a Elite Beat Agents!
  2. http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?30028-Steam-Downtime-11-29-3pm-PST
  3. Well I just re-installed and the game works now.
  4. Same here, I'm reinstalling the game now to see if it helps.
  5. Apprentice towers still half to deal with elemental resists and squire towers have way more health; Apprentice towers are squishy. I think it's more even now the squire towers are good for tanking tons of enemies while apprentices can do more damage (still don't think they do more damage).
  6. The chicken from Chicken Coup?
  7. Argo max level after I renamed him on my ranked account. Argo level 1 on my local character.
  8. Wasn't Argo supposed to shoot poison projectiles and heal you cause mine does none of these things. Maybe it's just me but the Argo (now max level) that I got from pre-ordering from Gamersgate shoots fire not poison and does not heal me at all. Pre-order description: [QUOTE]Argo starts out as just a tiny creature, but he packs a whallop in the form of stinging vampiric poison projectiles, which sap enemy hitpoints while adding a small amount to your own! [/QUOTE]
  9. I would also like to give my thanks to Trendy for creating this game and really being on the top of things!
  10. Is it good to upgrade effective range boost for an apprentice guardian or should I upgrade other stats?
  11. For the description it says increases nearby defense's damage or effectiveness when it should say increases A nearby defense's damage or effectiveness cause mines only boosting one tower at a time. Also thanks a lot for the guardian his stats are very high!
  12. Unfortunate? Is it bad or something?
  13. Oh, ok. Thanks for the clarification. Cause on the description it said it was made by the creator of Dungeon Defenders but the it said the developer was SouthPeak Games. [QUOTE]From the creator of the online co-op action RPG Dungeon Defenders! Before there was a dungeon that needed defending, there was a neighborhood that needed to be cleansed of madness....[/QUOTE]
  14. Did you guys (Trendy) make Monster Madness?
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