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  1. It does need to me uncensored and sent in a PM to me or Plane. Plane said he will check it for me thanks
  2. ULT++ Gloves Please IC this for me. If it needs to be uncensored let me know
  3. Been a while since i've auctioned something but im never gonna use this so i want to see if anyone else wants it. IC'd by plane Came out as possible Cube=6 Coal. C/O: 4 cv (WaffleCow99)
  4. when can us mac people get access :) lol or how do we get access.
  5. i also made the switch from ps3 to pc a while back you can add me if you need help or you just want t play. SID:Undeadmarksmanx
  6. anything rare or Ult++ with 400+ upgrades or sets of armor. things that would be hard for them to get them selves.
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