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  1. Reboot Game, if still doing it, uninstall and reinstall game. If still doing it, please submit a ticket.
  2. Where ever you see the glowing "gold" on the roofs of the caves, is a spawn point for it, typically always on the walls or ceiling inside caverns.
  3. Word on the streets is it works fine in original costume but not in any custom costumes :) for OP, so change your costume if you wanna shoot ice needles lol voidq hom-sha-bom
  4. Yea...no matter if your bags are marked for auto-collect legendary only or w/e, it will start to fill your bags with junk..at least for me every time. No way around it that i've found other then every now and then start to clean up and sell everything on the floor...It's a issue thats been stressed to the devs countless times. Personally i'd rather them leave it alone, or there fix might result in us not being able to pick anything up for a week or 2.
  5. The passive your referring to was suppose to be removed a long time ago... ( Towering Poison )
  6. damn, hah gj either way pandy,tata,chris and agras, sweet video, wack bug
  7. falllllinnnggggg BIGGER image of same
  8. [[24592,users]] , awesome loot drops, after hours of farming, is my hook, nuff said But in all honesty, if revamp is going to take so long, if they increased enemy speed as we've mentioned countless times, and incorporate some sort of Leaderboards, that would be the only hook i would need to hold me over for a little while..
  9. Yes it does, and yea its still a great bow.
  10. I thought i read at one time that it was implemented to help with lag? But not 100%, i cant even see health on my towers 90% o f the time after patch, sometimes i can, most times i cannot..
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