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  1. Everything is A OK, I wasn't expecting to be reached out to so quickly, much less the issue resolved, CG really kicks ass and the hard-work does not go unnoticed, the fact that this is EA and you all still go above and beyond to help anyway you can is greatly appreciated. Thanks again <3 CG] Lawlta [developer] Posted: Mar 12 @ 8:58pm Hey Zkurcrow, We're really sorry you ran into this. We were able to roll back your profile, but to make sure you are able to pull your save down from our cloud server, we need you to do the following: 1. Navigate to C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\DDS\Saved\SaveGames 2. Locate and delete the file "DDA_Player_0.esv" 3. Relaunch DDA This should pull your save from our server and restore all your items. We're going to be working hard to fix the issue that the patch (we have since rolled back) caused. Thanks for your support, we're working late to make this right! <3
  2. Hey I appreciate it Muggs, I hit him up, hopefully it helps or the logs at least helps us down the road, good lookin out!
  3. All lost, Not a big deal is EA, shit happens, but just wanted to give a heads up that although I followed the warnings listed in the patch notes, it still happen upon joining someones game (from steam invite)so I'd suggest playing solo until further notice...imo, hoped this gets rolled back, if not at least fixed :) happy farmin'
  4. Solid idea, I can dig it, but I do enjoy the current multiplayer as is, but it does/always lacked some interaction. I have got a lot of friends into this game and I usually just build for them(not exciting for them I’d imagine), or sometimes cripple our(my) run times and let them build and have fun and that works as well. Having a game mode with the ideas you posted with incentive ofc, would make our gaming experience much more engaging for sure. Is a good idea for sure, nothing much else to say, but I personally wouldn’t want it to replace our current multiplayer as with friends or people who aren't assholes can be just as fun.
  5. It seems to work, well kinda, it don’t seem to work on trap/aura defenses and only repairs towers that are actively engaged in combat (being attacked and not a second after or before) I’m not sure if any of its intended as his repair rate is hardly a helping hand, but from my testing that seems to be how it works. Not sure, would also like this pet to be looked at down the road.
  6. Reboot Game, if still doing it, uninstall and reinstall game. If still doing it, please submit a ticket.
  7. Where ever you see the glowing "gold" on the roofs of the caves, is a spawn point for it, typically always on the walls or ceiling inside caverns.
  8. Word on the streets is it works fine in original costume but not in any custom costumes :) for OP, so change your costume if you wanna shoot ice needles lol voidq hom-sha-bom
  9. Yea...no matter if your bags are marked for auto-collect legendary only or w/e, it will start to fill your bags with junk..at least for me every time. No way around it that i've found other then every now and then start to clean up and sell everything on the floor...It's a issue thats been stressed to the devs countless times. Personally i'd rather them leave it alone, or there fix might result in us not being able to pick anything up for a week or 2.
  10. The passive your referring to was suppose to be removed a long time ago... ( Towering Poison )
  11. damn, hah gj either way pandy,tata,chris and agras, sweet video, wack bug
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