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  1. During waves? I would hope you can't switch at ALL mid wave. During the build phase you should be able to switch as much as you want.
  2. I also agree. I say keep it as simple as possible. Lets say on the base difficulty you want one goblin to take 3 hits from an unleveled Magic Missile Tower. Each shot should do 1 damage in that situation and the Goblin should have 3 HP. If you want the next difficulty up to be 10 times harder then displayed numbers should scale similarly with the tower doing 10 damage and the goblin having 30 HP. If you want nightmare to be 1000x harder then it would be 1000 damage for the tower and 3000 HP for the goblin and so on. And I REALLY hope they don't adjust how player stats effect actual in game stats like the way they did with nightmare. A tower that does a base 100K damage on nightmare should do the same damage for ALL difficulties.
  3. So a recurring problem I've had with DD1 and E is a progression wall. I'll beat the SP campaign on Insane and start doing Survival to gear up for Nightmare. Beating the later levels of the main game on Survival Insane really doesn't get you prepped for Nightmare at all. So I move on to the bonus levels. The difficulty starts to spike by an insane amount and loot drops just don't seem to improve. Even just unlocking survival on the large maps is daunting. So when the bonus maps aren't doing it for me I try the DLC maps. Same problem. I can do the first one but the next? Nope! No hope. So bonus maps and DLC maps aren't giving me what I need to improve my characters... challenges maybe? Nope. This has caused me to leave the game several times now. I keep coming back because it's an AMAZING game but it's just not always obvious how to continue progressing. The only way I've been able to improve my chances on some nightmare survival maps is by playing Helms Deep mod which drops high quality loot but that feel like cheating to me because it's an easy and short map. I don't know what the solution to this problem is and I'm not saying to get rid of the grind or lower difficulty. Just having better idea of what I need to strive for next would be nice.
  4. I'm a big fan of medium and a few small maps. I do like when choke points aren't too obvious or are at least flexible. That's why I love Ramparts. There are dozens of ways to handle AI paths. Large maps could definitely be cool but are completely ruined by the build timer and the fact that they're not balanced for single player. I would like to see slightly more dynamic AI though. Perhaps some more open areas where the AI could spread out a bit or maybe allow the AI to jump some fences or ledges to deviate from the normal path. Not too much but enough to the point where if your not paying attention and have your defenses too focused on the primary path BAMN! Suddenly you've got a goblin or two hacking away at the back of your towers because they flanked instead of charging.
  5. The issue is cost. It would probably be too expensive to justify licensing Mario.
  6. I've always found the vendors completely useless. On the rare occasion they had a piece that was an improvement it was a small gain for an insane price
  7. I vote for infinite hero slots. Build whatever you want, no artificial limitations. Don't forget that this will be more like 1 than 2. In 1 you could create as many heros as you could fit on your computer.
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