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  1. Ever since the update, I haven't been able to find a match in the war table no matter the filters set. Is there a way I can fix this?
  2. Every time I join the game into the hub and want to play a mission it takes time to show the loading then it kicks me saying some message about Playverse account or timeout. This has only happened after the update. Send help
  3. What are you all not telling us about people getting old monthly pets and wyvern tokens? Please make this one of the questions >.< I am tired of suspense XD. P.S. Can I have a Mantist Striker for asking nicely? Please? >.< Please don't ignore my question on the pets and wyvern tokens XD I am curious how I got my Narwhagon and 40 wyvern tokens.
  4. What I've noticed is people are getting pets that shouldn't be possible anymore. The pets that use to be montly pets. Plus people are getting wyvern tokens that are also not suppose to be able to get anymore. Why does Trendy like to play tricks on us! XD I want to know if there is an official way to get all these things now. Did Trendy add this in for us to find our on our own :P We will find out eventually
  5. Plus I just realized I got 40 wyvern tokens when I use to have 0. i remember because I spent the 40 I had a long time ago.
  6. My characters are Ev, Gunwitch, The abyss lord, and lava mancer. I also played onslaught on NM4 for a while. That is all I did the entire time I was on DD2. I am using PC.
  7. Ok so I noticed it when I played Bastille Master on Incursion on NM4 with people. I looked into my inv and there was the egg. Didn't remember seeing it before.
  8. So today I noticed I had a Narwhagon egg in my inventory. It had a fancy symbol on it and it was the only reason I noticed it. I looked at the name and searched it up. It tells me it was once a monthly pet drop, but dungeon defenders doesnt have that anymore. So can someone tell me how did I get this? I have no clue. Please send help.
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