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  1. I don't think the RNG likes anybody. Based on what I understand of how luck works,nobody has actually won a code. All these guys winning are actually aliens disguised as humans, laughing at our inability to acquire beta codes. Nah, we are just unlucky. There's around 250 persons for only 3 codes in each beta drop. Just keep counting with your luck and call people for more followers.
  2. Dungeon Defenders has controller support, so I would say it's fairly certain there will be controller support. A lot of people are looking for it. They did say in a Twitch stream a while back that it may not be available in the MOBA mode, just due to the nature of it. They realy should let the MOBA mobe use controller. It would suck if you are playing on console and want to play a PvP. That would force the gamer to buy the pc version.
  3. I think f2p is a good chooise for the new DD. Games like moba needs a bunch of people playing, But i think number of players won't be a problem since the next game will be a cross-plataform game. Still, if DD2 became F2P I think LoL is the best model. The game is free, but for you to unlock a character you need to play and win, ALOT! And if you want some costume, you have to pay for it. I believe DD2 will have many characters, so LoL is the model I think the DD2 should follow.
  4. Chris is right, but maybe it would be cool for the old fans of DD1 if the new game have one or two children characters.
  5. Good thinking, but I think the match will be very quick than ussual. Like, don't played the beta, but i saw in the video the match takes like 20 minutes having 5vs5. If had only 3vs3 would take like 10 - 15 minutes. Well, its just my opinion. I played LoL and i never played on 3-3 because the 5-5 is the stuff there. I believe the best choise to vary the 5-5 map is the crystal defend mode. Just an opinion.
  6. I'm sure it will be released to steam, the best place to advertise great pc games.
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