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  1. Logged on after awhile of absence, and noticed my towers went from almost 400k health maxed to only 220k. Not even close to enough to endure NM4 waves. I played roughly 10 NM2 waves before making this post as solely the squire and not only did nothing with Hearty Blockade drop, but NO equipment with ANY squire abilities dropped, even though he was the only hero on my cards (after reading patch notes saying it would increase drop rates of heroes equipped) I notice when I play EV i get ONLY EV drops, Same with Apprentice and Huntress, Literally nothing else drops but their own. But Squire? Nothi
  2. Sorry I was late to the party friend, But welcome back, Hope you had a great time, we all know it was deserving, that's for sure, sorry if it feels like you came back to a mess, I can't imagine the stress this forum has put on you buddy, but can't express how grateful we are all to have our Community Manager back! WOOH!
  3. Ebola virus o.0 Well played French... in general O.o (mostly Monty Python reference, dont hurt me) :P
  4. Ummm... Poetic? I have no idea what to say to that lol
  5. Lies, everyone plays on the PC ;) only console i DONT play on is ps3 :P
  6. He doesn't even have any hair left to go bald from the stress
  7. This is an incredibly well thought out and put together post. I love the idea of skill trees, however I do not like the idea of temporary ones. I am all for permanent skill trees, I think that would be a great addition to the game. Like Backinstabbin said, one tree for hero, one for tower, and one for general. That way when we create our dps hero, we can unlock different hero abilities as we progress down the tree, or I crease attack % or other various concepts, and for our tower hero, maybe have different towers unlocked by going down different paths, making it so even though there may be
  8. Haha, that does excite me, slightly. I'd still prefer it fixed to a squire. And man, I think I actually knew that, but after getting my monkey wrench I just always ignored every weapon that ever dropped lol
  9. Well, since no one else seems to have mentioned it and I just noticed two days later, Congrats for breaking the most people online record for the forums! Lol even if it wasn't necessarily all good, every little victory should be celebrated, and not more than a month ago we were brain storming ideas on how to get more people on the forums. Then Poof! Lol so again, Congrats, I'm sure that record will stay until an open dd2 beta or actual release :) You guys are doing great, keep it up!
  10. Really sorry to see you leave fnack, I too started on xbox just the same, went through all the same issues. But pc version has very little hackers, and runs of content, and I'm glad they left xbox the way it was, files bit the old vanilla DD feel which I've grown to prefer. It's unfortunate to lose players, I doubt you're interested in eternity, but we hope to see you back when DD2 is released. And no there was never an open beta, but it would say there's close to 100 of us that are active in the alpha version, just needed to be active on the forums till you got your invite. You will be m
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