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  1. Is it finishing with a fish? I was wondering why my event pet went up a couple levels and then dropped back down after giving the cakes.
  2. Do you have the materials you need to evolve? It's not just gold.
  3. Getting a similar no-progress with "Aura Conquest" (defeat enemies with Auras).
  4. Agreed. I would prefer to craft the items I like with different components, and then enhance them further to make them better.
  5. So the amount of points before diminishing returns kicks in super-hard is a lot higher now than it used to be, I take it?
  6. Is the scaling overall been upped a lot, then? I thought it used to be that having like 2500 in a stat wasn't all that much of a big increase over only 2000 or maybe even 1500, with diminishing returns and all. Would suddenly getting a certain set up to the 3000-4000+ range over perhaps 2k+ all around be that much of a big jump now to be worth focusing again?
  7. They said months ago when Shards first started coming out that only those who paid for the full set got the early access, and everybody else would have to wait until they got all four Parts later.
  8. Well, when I meant "earlier," I meant like only an hour or two before most of it was at 66%. 50% is still a great deal, though, and more than enough of a bonus to get me to re-purchase.
  9. Wasn't it just 66% off earlier? Anyway, how long is this 50-66% sale going to last? Plan to get some Steam cash tomorrow and re-purchase everything (lost access to my old account, long story), and would like to do so while the sale is in effect.
  10. There's not even any reason to insta-kick somebody who's "too low" at the time. The game allows you to change your character between every wave. I've had plenty of occasions where I was working on raising a new character, and then decided to join a high-level game and farm some gear, and would you guess what happened? I was able to *gasp* switch to a high-level character able to help the team *DOUBLE GASP **SHOCK** * I know, I know. It's amazing! Maybe if you're asking them to change and they either won't or don't have any characters able to help out, I could see potential reason to ki
  11. The 4 parents as unlockable characters. Special bonus stats when equipped with their weapons from secret room in tavern. *crosses fingers*
  12. They specifically said that they "doubled" Inferno difficulty because they know the high-quality players who would excel at it will play much better than any of their testers can, so no matter how good their testers are they're well aware of just how much better hardcore gamers tend to be after a little practice. They've also said that Inferno can be solo'd. It's supposed to kick your butt without being Battletoads-hard. Think.... DMC3 DMD without items kind of difficult. You will get your butt handed to you repeatedly, but then you'll learn how to play different to adjust to all the new
  13. What if there's a Sharken and a Djinn desummoning simultaneously? Who gets target then?
  14. If they could add a "kill cam" like some shooters have for a final kill in an online game, where it shows the POV of the killer, that would be amazing. Knowing what destroyed it would be a help, but not nearly as much as that.
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