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  1. It is based of leveling the pet also rerolling the stats you want, premium pets are balls
  2. Sorry guys been leveling on xb1 havent been on PC in getting on now for a short while
  3. add me on steam and stop by my thread for others who are looking for friends and help. https://dungeondefenders.com/2/topic/147188/official-player-helping-players-php-thread-all-platforms
  4. I did see a few of you contacting me on xb1. I just started my acct on there. give me a few days and ill be able to help you out. Please feel free to add me on xb1 ign: Uncledadddy add me on steam for PC version ign: Uncledaddy.
  5. made the move over to xb1, will be hosting runs asap, just downloaded today so i have a few weeks of grinding. then im happy to help out on the xbox side of things. comment if you are looking for people to run with. xb1 ign: uncledadddy
  6. Sorry guys been away, Im still hosting runs for those of you needing help. And im on xbox1 aswell under the same name i think it has 3 d's in daddy though. so add me on steam : UncleDaddy xb1: uncledadddy
  7. come join up with me, we will get you sorted out. check out my thread in PHP----------->https://dungeondefenders.com/2/topic/147188/official-player-helping-players-php-thread-all-platforms
  8. doing great with a lot of you new players, oplease accept my offer if you need help. just post in here. add me as a friend on steam. then play. i do daily runs on all chaos tiers
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