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  1. I agree with this. If a player is upgrading/repairing/selling then item comparison should be disabled. I use the Temporary Bag to organize loot at the moment, so I don't pick up something unless I know I want to keep it. This does leave a lot of items on the ground and it can prevent (or at least make it more difficult) to manage my towers.
  2. Here is a link in the Dev Stream to where they mention controllers, just so you can hear their words on it. =D https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RTdT8Fd3jUE#t=17m30s
  3. The devs are putting an immense focus on it when building the PS4 version. The reason they haven't simply put one in is they want to make sure it is right for the UI. If the UI feels clunky using a controller, then it isn't a good UI for controllers and they want to avoid that. They would rather have a good flow/usability rather than just throwing it in to have it. In the latest dev stream, they talked about this as well. Don't worry. They are on it.
  4. Umm, they already implemented that a couple of patches ago, as I mentioned earlier in this very thread. I can say this is not completely fixed. I still have issues with Dragons and Javelin Throwers staying in the spawn area. The only way to counteract this is to swarm the spawn itself (not outside the spawn) with towers/dps. They can also be knocked back into the spawn area. There is definitely a debate going on back and forth here, so I'm just going to throw in my two cents. Towers that interrupt collision are at a disadvantage when facing Javelin throwers and Dragons. You cannot deny thi
  5. That hasn't been stated anywhere, that I'm aware of. Trendy has made very few decisions on its monetization ideas, at least publicly. The one thing they have stated multiple times is: It will also be free, supported by ethical in-game purchases like costumes & tower skins. These purchases will never provide gameplay advantage. Until I hear otherwise from Trendy, I am not assuming new heroes (or maps) will cost real money. That aside, I think specific class challenges would be great. Learning how to use characters correctly separates a good player from a bad player. XD Edit: Just grabbed
  6. But what do we gain from having additional towers to choose from on a character versus having a new character? I see the towers themselves as part of the character. So changing the behavior of the turret itself doesn't feel right to me. If there is a need/want for more tower variety then I think we should really look at more characters. I do like the idea of customizing towers though and it has been discussed previously. I do think there could be ways to do this and I believe Specs are one way Trendy is trying to add some variety.
  7. Stability of the game normally does hint at what phase it is in, but it isn't the only deciding factor (just the one most of us are used to.) I would definitely not label this a beta. At this point, Trendy is still looking for input on the core features of the game, meaning significant changes are still possible to the game. I haven't participated in a beta yet where a team has scrapped a feature during it. At that point, they know what they want in the game, they just need input on balancing it or finding issues with it. They have mentioned quite a few features in their development roadmap th
  8. The tower range change I have actually enjoyed. As Gutu mentioned, range will increase when upgrading and there are some skills on equipment that technically increase range as well. This also helps make things like auras not required like they were in DD1, because if you didn't have giant auras protecting every nook and cranny your crystals could get sniped. The Entry Tavern right now is completely personal. Steam friends can join or be invited. I really don't know how they want to develop it in the long run, but right now it is completely personal. From there you choose to join a public or p
  9. Right now, I'm assuming it is an easier way to enforce levels on Hero Decks (all heroes must be in the level range) as well as to more easily place like-leveled individuals in the same lobbies. The one thing I think that would make it a lot easier would be a way to change the level requirements (if everyone meets them) in the active lobby rather than needing to return to the original.
  10. I cannot give any information about the near future, but I do believe Trendy has plans for Mac and Linux, just as they probably have plans for other platforms/consoles.
  11. I know the Playverse environment is built to be cross-platform, so it is highly likely that it will be coming to other gaming platforms/consoles eventually.
  12. Yes, you do. The Upgrade package is for additional titles, cosmetics, and in-game credits when the game officially launches.
  13. Just wanted to point out a few potential reasons for having the Early Access cost money. Allowing it to be Free to Play at this stage in the game would most likely invite more trouble than good, that is why there is a pay-gate. This allows people who want to play and help build the game in and keeps out people who aren't sold on DD2 yet.Security reasons. Allowing everyone free access, especially this early, could potentially allow individuals who want do more harm than good access. If they have to buy the game, it may make them a little more hesitant. In addition, Trendy can easily ban the ac
  14. Ragingpunisher, I think it would be best if you wrote out your concerns in a more concentrated manner. If you expect everyone to watch an hour long video before they can give any feedback on your concerns, you are either going to have very little feedback or people will reply who do not even care about your point of view and just want to state their own.
  15. First off, I think this discussion has started to get a little heated. I think it would be wise to be aware that no one from Trendy has replied to this since the very first page, therefore any information (or misinformation) thrown about is unconfirmed. It will ultimately be revealed tomorrow, though Trendy can still change and may change, as to what the differences and/or benefits are. I've actually been away from Dungeon Defenders 2 for awhile (life takes its toll =D). I missed out on whatever the recent Council Pack as well as telling my friends about it. So I am saying this from the poin
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