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  1. Hi all 

          Gothraga here

     I love the survival mode most of all!  Trying to get 1 wave higher then the last run is kinda When I have the most fun playing.

    I've played off and on Waiting for this mode to become available. nothing yet. kobold.png

    Any word from the Devs on when this will become part of the game.

    Right now the 5 wave max sucks it seems like i finally get all my towers down and its the end wave.

    Can We get like 45 more waves? or at least 15 more waves?

    I would Love to Have a Endless Mode Where it gets Worse and Worse till you just get crushed!... what can i say i'm a masochist for this game demon.png... what?   Summoner_minimap_icon_c.png... Nothing...

    PS. Idea Time!

    A Pay to AFK would be grate! I would pay a few bucks to be able to AFK for longer! You know me i hate to choose but i love options!

    Much Respect



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