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  1. Now I can Die happy. Now I have seen everything. DEVS make this a thing lol.
  2. Good point there, is this implemented yet?
  3. Hi All! one thing I Love is Music so I wanted to Share My Fav-Music with y'all! Before you play Your Next game, Turn the Lame, Totally Not Lame! DD2 music off.( No Offence to the Sound Devs) Go to Pandora and make a station based on this song. Disturbed: Indestructible Be sure to thumbs down evanescence or Pandora will Try Mixing in Soft rock and this mix is for WAR! This gives me Music by Godsmack, Disturbed, Avenged Sevenfold, Metallica, Breaking Benjamin, Rob Zombie, Rammstein, Five Finger Death Punch, Then all you Gotta Do is Rock out with your C Dude!..Kids read this... !? Kids can Read Now? I love the future! Much Respect Gothraga
  4. Ty For the Reply's Y'all! The Loot thing is not my Prob i would not mind if for the time being the mode did not even drop loot just so i could play. Mainly What gets me is the Level Length. I like to play solo and Spend a fair bit of time Placing all my Towers. But the 5 waves go by in what feels like 10 min. Then i half to Go back and set it all up all over. That's the 1st thing. The 2nd is i never get to Fully Level up all my Towers. there's never a Point where i can See, ALL OUT! ALL CARDS ON THE TABLE! FULL POWER! HOW MUCH WE CAN TAKE! ...Relax I'm Cool!...(twitch) ...Sorry. Much Respect Gothraga
  5. Can we just have a Endless mode. Please. Please.Please.Please.Please.Please.Please.Please.Please.Please.Please.Please.Please.Please.Please.Please.Please.Please. Thank you Much Respect Gothraga
  6. Onslaught mode IS survival mode. It just has a fancy name and whatever. What would be the point in having two survival modes? TY for the Reply Alhanalem My point is, I think Trendy is trying to Hard with onslaught mode. in DD1 you did not need Crazy Loot scheme, you had the normal map style luck of the Drew Drops in a Drag out Fight that by level 50 would take 20 min a level and pit you VS 3000+ Super Monsters. VS The Pick your Loot at the End and the more levels you pass the stronger the Loot at the end gets. I Just Would Like a Simple Survival Mode = to a VARY VARY long stranded level. TYVM for all the Feedback Much Respect all Gothraga
  7. Dentist when't well For anyone who care's :P On the up side i don't need a root-canal! I just have a Massive infection! For anyone who has ever payed for a root-canal we both know Me and my wallet Lucked out! Also if you need help taking your pills on time IE- every 8 hours till the bottle is Gone. I looked on the app store, Yep there's a app for that . NEXT! Mr.Orignak the ...Doctor will see you now. eh..
  8. Hello all Gothraga Here I am a Wee Bit Peeved this morning as it is root-canal day for my old teeth, so if I grump I apologize. This game right now >NEEDS< a Survival mode. I know onslaught mode is OTW.(for what feels like ages) But that's not what i'm talking about today. Instead of Programming a Complex Loot drop/pick your fav loot system. Why cant we just have A SIMPLE +2% loot modifier per wave Endless mode with Stranded loot drops. Nothing Fancy, This should be Easy-er to add. As it Sits right now there's not a lot here to look forward to. after the crap ideas/choices in influence week I am not feeling good about this games direction. WE NEED MORE GAME MODES, not Gimmicks not Cards not Hats, there's no meat here just bone and the promise of a fine meal. NEXT!! Mr.Raga the ...Doctor will see you now. I got to go y'all, I look forward to Hearing From you soon. PS. To the Devs, Thank you for all your Hard Work So far. I appreciate You including the community in so much of the Development.
  9. I don't think they like it goth. ow come on, its got Zombie arms,Grave walls,Lighting effects,and even a Doompuddle! you know...noone's gonna read all that. Ow whatever, i bet there's someone reading this right now! Ya,good luck with that.
  10. Gothraga

    Jester Class

    Agree that's Good How ever i would still like a Good AHHHHH! when mobs fall off a cliff
  11. Gothraga

    Jester Class

    Yes yes, But if they Yelled AHHHHHH!!! or HELP MEE or Nooo I HAVE KIDS! it would be just to Funny!
  12. Just make em drop from 25+++ reward chest's Blue or better. Would make end game levels more valuable.
  13. How about a Roadmap Update? or is it updated its kinda hard to tell.
  14. i would not be apposed to this With its own game mode. In a Reg Mode anti air is killing me right now I vote Naaa on this.
  15. Gothraga

    Jester Class

    What about Grabbing Light mobs and Throwing them at other mobs. Grabbing a flying Mob and using it like a paper air plain. Doing damage and Knocking back who ever it hits. Or just spitting them back out in clown outfits with dunce caps would be funny too.
  16. I like the Idea of Easy to Hard quests rather then the old Go here Kill 10 whatevers. Optional idea: Give the Quest master a Locked Box Before you go do quest and he Will unlock it for you as a reward. I think Bags and cosmetic's will all fall under the Micro-transaction list and will need Extra ordinary Work for you to have the chance to unlock any of them. Having a Daily that give's 1 to 10 premium coins would be cool as-well.
  17. I LIKE'S This Would be a Grate Game Mode. If Some Rooms had Pitfalls, Some Fire traps! Some Sawblads! Poison Traps! Or Even Flip it around on the players! The Gobs / Mobs Build there own towers ! Add A Mob that Steals Your Towers from the last room and Makes then Evil to use agents you in the next! Box it up i'm sold!
  18. Gothraga

    Jester Class

    and do something... lol
  19. OW YES! We Need this! + DD2 Could Sell extra Blueprint Slots or something to bring in a few bucks to keep servers running! I love the idea of a Floating Orb who Goes Poof During combat phase. You could even sell "outfits" like Steampunk Modle,Steel orb with backpack full of scrools, Crome Skull with Fire eyes, Evil Phantasm Orb with spiks and Drill, Robotic Orbs with Arms like Mr.Gusty! from fallout, or even that thing arnold schwarzenegger pulled out of his nose in total recall! Box it UP BABY i'm sold!
  20. Support class Playable Grim Reaper Type Toon This Pic was the Seed that started me thinking. http://computerwallpapers.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/wpid-Grim-Reaper-Wallpaper-59.jpg Tower #1 Grim Trap (Trap Type tower) Magic Damage 90 degree Swing  (Look) Black shadow on the ground. Faint moaning Sound as if herd from a long way off. A ghostly death scythe Waits hovering. (Action) When a mob comes in range, it swings at it Not doing much damage and makes it scared ( lowers its defense ) Dose Light Damage = to water trap with 8-12% chance to kill Reg Mobs No effect on Mini Boss/oger Tower Life Runs down like monk aura. Boost aura Hurts this tower. cannot be built near Monk Heal aura. if built to close it Drains this towers Hp over time = to Heal aura power. Tower #2 Grave (Works with Tower 1) (Wall Type Tower) No Damage (Tower can Be attacked) (Look) 3 Large old Grave Stones all Crooked Abandoned, over grown grass lines the edges. "no one has bin here to pay Respects for years". (Action) "stock" has less hp the mage wall tower. when Reaper Tower Insta-kills a Mob, a new Head Stone Pops up in front Adding to HP pool. the more the Grim tower Kills, the Stronger the grave Tower gets. Can only repair HP of the Base 3 Tombstone. Mob hits push Mini Tomb stones Down as there HP drops (Keeping mobs off the wall early in match will allow Larger Hp pool for Later waves) No other aura/tower/effect/trap can effect the Grave. Tower #3 The Forgotten (Works like Slow aura) Slowing Effect Dose not effect flying/oger - Physical damage (Tower cannot be attacked) (look) Rectangle shaped tower, like a sand box on the ground. Hands some clutching bones some with out, Grab and scratch at mobs walking over the dead Ground. (Action) Mobs take physical damage from being pummeled by Bones and bitten by skulls (AOE Field damage) if mobs stay in field to long they are Pulled down (buried alive) and more boney arms Popup making field stronger Cannot pull down Non-humanoid mobs/miniboss/oger/flyers. This field CAN AND WILL Pull down players that stand in it to long.(insta-Killed player adds to Field Power + adds 10 Sec to re-spawn timer. Poisoned/Slowed mob's are easier to pull down. Mobs Killed before Fully Pulled down do not add to field power. Tower #4 sea of despair (Elemental Water tower) magic damage? is Elemental the same thing?...NM (Rage effect Dose not effect Miniboss/oger) (Tower cannot be attacked) Rage Effect dose effect Flyers. Mobs who are Depressed(Grayed) Do less Damage and have less armor and speed. so Non-Depressed mobs can beat them 1 Vs 1. (Look) 2-4 inch waves Black/blue waves with Flashes of Red making it look like Depth charges are going off deep below the Water. Mobs walking across this "sea" ok, more of a large puddle. All mobs Slowly turn Gray( Lose all Color ). (Action) Aoe Water Damage (stackable with electric aura). Waves Push mobs back a little, making it hard for light mobs to move up. Heavy mobs just Plow onward. if mobs stay in field to long that will stop for a Time to Cry, if they turn gray (Lose all color) they will Turn and attack mobs that have not lost there Bright color,(Will not attack Gray Mobs) Ogers and miniBosses made Depressed will stop every 10 sec to cry for a moment. Ogers/mini bosses must be in field for full 10 Sec before they stop to cry. ( if No Unaffected mobs are in Agro Range Depressed Mobs will Continue as Normal) Depressed mobs are ignored by tower #3 Ow god i'm sooo Depressed! I'm not! its a Lovely Day! I'm so Happy! If i cant be happy No one Can! Get over here you! Kinda like this ^ Everything in this game is Bright and Happy, Lots of Bright happy Colors. It would be nice to see a Playable class that is the other side of the Happy Cartooney coin. Ok i have bin Working for over 3 hours to Turn whats in my head into Stuff you can read, As for powers Bla bla bla. deathblast, bla bla bla Death sneez..bla bla bla magic tire iron... Sorry all well is Dry So i'ma go Play. Weighting/Reading are vary hard for me always have bin So Ty for your understanding. I love you all Much Respect GothRaga
  21. Thank you vary much topler. for the Link i didn't know that was a thing! Love Me Some Endless Mode!
  22. I've got this 2 times where i will be in the 2nd tavern on my mage and Plop! Host has Left? vary odd is it just a Server DC?
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