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  1. Just Try to beat the Treetop map with the gnomes on hardest Diff to gear up. I will agree with out Range+ and speed+ stats it is Vary Vary hard to make progress out of the gate. ADVICE: If you know your about to lose and a Mini boss is on the Field do everything you can to kill it. Loot or Die!
  2. Will everyone Pls stop saying Hyperbole. i cannot understand it in the contexts y'all use. I only speak american.
  3. I get the feeling this guy never played DD1. You sir are incorrect. No one wants this to be like other tower defense game. They want it to be like dungeon defenders. that's the whole point of a sequel.
  4. I Agree so much that we might have bin separated at birth!
  5. Why not just remove the Geyser trap?
  6. 1 I never saw towers shooting half way across the map, or towers shooting at mini-gun speed. ' 2 More importantly, I think you shouldn't feel like the game is broken at this point. 3 ultimatums; the game is doomed, I've quit playing, towers are useless, bargain bin, etc. 4 They haven't said that towers won't reach super levels. Have you seen the items at end game? 5 We have an extra 25 levels that don't seem to have been catered for yet. 6 LA + water was absolutely broken. [[15600,users]] Thank you so much for the reply. I Ran your post through my Text to speech program about 5 times to try to grasp all your Points. 1: You Missed A glorious thing there the battles on nightmare hardcore where amazing skin of your teeth things that wore the paint off my mouse button. Anyone ever playing with Thornsneer knows what i'm talking about. 2: I do not feel the game is Broken, I am However hyper sensitive to dumbing down of game mechanics. Game complexity is what makes me keep playing a game. when i run out of stuff i can tinker with my ADHD takes over and i lose interest. Its a personal problem of mine but I'm working on it :) Along With randomly Caping worD's. 3: This is true, and I used poor wording here that helps no one. My apologies Y'all, this is the 1st fourm i have ever invested time in and my Etiquette still needs some work. I will remember this for future posts. 4: In a word, No. I have actually not seen any End Game content yet. ( i've bin trying to avoid spoilers ) I am having a grate deal if problems with mobs sitting out of range of my towers and I only see the problems getting worse on harder Difficulty. 5: You bring up a good point here. Between the Orbs and other stats there are bound to be unexpected addons. hopefully they will address the issues that are nagging at me. 6: Agree 110% i tried this myself and also found the mix broken. Also the Graphics glitches where also apparent to me. I Simply cannot agree with pulling key stats out of the game to fix 1 tower combo. To me it's like removing all the window's so the kids wont want to use the AC. Shure the house is cooler now but now there's more problems then the 1-2 you where trying to fix. Thank you so Much for your reply. Much Respect Gothraga
  7. The lack of attack speed & range are bad choices. One thing that made me Like DD1 so much was how you started your adventure. starting off with a dinky little set of towers, that could shoot about 10 feet and pretty much bounced off anything they hit. Then Before you know it you start playing nightmare modes with your towers fireing 1/2 way across the map Cutting through 10 Orcs at a time at more or less fire at the speed of auto-cannon's. Same for Monk aura's that looked like bio domes! This was a good thing, it gave a feeling of rising to epic power from Nothing. You removed this Scaling for some unknown (to me) reason. This is not acceptable. You will need to bring back tower speed+ and range+ sooner or later not because I wish it, but because you are dangerously close to "innovating" yourself to the bargain bin. We can get a simple tower defense game anywhere. We Play Dungeon Defenders because of how different it is. We are not playing your game because the art looks amazing. Witch it Dose by the way! We play for the zero to Hero factor and the chance that next loot drop might hold. I don't know when you got it in your head that towers reaching super levels was a bad thing. who ever told you this needs to be fired from the building with a cannon ball tower. but anyone who has ever played the map silent night on nightmare hardcore mode even with the auto cannons and bio-domes, Your Not Over Powering, your barely surviving. That's what makes this a grate game. If you take that away we are just another monkey balloon tower defense. without the monkey. Trendtilius Varus, give me back my Towers!! Your Loyal Fan GothRaga
  8. I FULLY AGREE This Option Is Used in monkey balloon tower defense 5 and is something DD has bin missing forever. But i think we need to Keep Shaking Trendy's tree till they Bring back the Speed and Range stats. Super OP towers Stop Being OP when you set game to nightmare! Now its Slow-mo crap feels lacking.
  9. I Also Agree in a way! I Demand the Towers in a Tower Defense game Do the Bulk of the Work. With the Remove of attack speed i now half to scramble about on maps like Betsy rather then getting to watch my towers and how the mobs respond to them. I don't like to AFK But i do Hate haveing to Repair Every 5 Sec
  10. TY Devs for Loot and survive Well Done all! But Where the hell is my Range+ stats and my Fire rate Stats!? Bring back Tower Range and Tower Speed this change is Bull Crap. Get Down From there. No way, I love getting on a good band-wagon! At 1000+ Views Trendy Should take Note.
  11. Pic Below https://www.dropbox.com/s/3dnyi8nb7hmyvgd/Screenshot%202015-07-28%2016.01.13.png?dl=0 Item Icon Miss Match Icon is Happy face shield Item is crabby patty shield. PS. if there is a better way to link Screen shots PlS let me know. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Nimbus reach-Bug Mini Boss Introduction window Started after wave 5 was Over and evil librarian had already bin killed. After Testing this Seems to Happen When you spam G Key At end of level giving no time for the caption to play. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Look I Got a bug! Just Wash your hands after touching that.
  12. I Propose a Oger Rush Mode. 25 waves 1st Oger Is = to level 20 Oger around 25K hp with a -75% Loot Pen Every Wave after 1 more Oger spawns With Loot Pen Droping to zero at wave 10. By the 20th wave Ogers are = to incurtion level ogers with +25% Loot boost but 6+ Ogers spawn at once On the 25th wave 1 Ultra Mega oger will spawn... no no... Shh.. he is legend
  13. I Never think Life time bans are a good thing. Give em a 2nd Chance.
  14. I never get the Good Bugs! Goth, I got the special Shampoo you requested. Ow thank you! the itching was driving me crazy. You are a icky person.
  15. Getting Started is Easy. Pick the Mage or Squire. Only Put Gear on them with Tower Power and Tower Speed. The Play the hardest Difficulty you can win at. This is How my Team got Started. Your End is Near! That's what you said about Y2K...
  16. Ow man Good point there I also Use Window's 7. Based on what i know about 10 There should be no Problems. My arch frenemy Rawkinrex, Has Used it with Armored Warfare,Kirble Space Program,Starbound,Borderlands, & fire fall. He has bin saying that Games like Armored warfare and Firefall Run Better on 10. I don't think we have any thing to worry about. In till windows 11 also known as The ReVistaing.
  17. So, Bump. Damn you, tilt! Tilt! WTH? Guys look at this. Do what now? Go to google and Type in Tilt. I love a Evil Empire with a sense of humor.
  18. OW NO YOU DON'T! I love my Points I "worked" Hard for them! How did you manage to say that with a straight face? Botox. hehe.
  19. I agree, the Sooner the better. However i would like it to coincide with the Launch of survival mode. So i can Wait for a bit longer if need be.
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