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  1. This is a Bad idea in a game based around State progression. it removes the option to go back to old levels and get a Real feel for how your towers have Grown. 

    if you have a level that is Vary tough to clear then go back to it later and clear it easy. you get to see how your power has grown.

    Down scaling is BAD. its Just a BAD Idea that is, Well BAD 

  2. [[35625,users]]

    You need to have the option of building so you can just sit there and do nothing. Just watch your towers do the work. I much rather have the game so the main towers kill the Mobs and the only thing i need to do is fight ogers.

    I Demand my towers do the Work in a tower defense game. i don't like having to fix my towers every 5 sec. or use my Mage as a human shield Becouse my towers only fire every 2 sec and theres 20 enemy's bearing down on them.


  3. @Severex quote:


    Wrote down a couple of things I noticed on my journey through the loot and survive patch. Not sure if Im posting it in the right section of the forum. Anyway here it is, so do what you like with it Trendy.


    1. Stats: 

    2. XP progression: 

    3. Downscaling: 

    1 Agree

    2 Agree

    3 Agree to the point someone should be fired for implementing this.

  4. No you should NEVER down scale our stats. We work hard to get our toons to there power level, if we want to take them to a Low level and watch our towers Murder level 1 mobs you have no right to interfere. Down scaling is another STUPID idea they are pushing. 

    Its Like this Item level foolishness, I don't know why the Devs are dead set on Trying to get us to have fun the way They want us to.  Stop trying to script us, I see a fun game over there now Get the hell out of the way and let me enjoy it!

    Let us have towers that can shoot stupid long rang or faster then they need to. Maybe i don't like jumping around all the time so i Spend my time making a Tower builder that dose not half to THIS IS NOT A BAD THING.

    maybe i like fighting all the time so i make a Attacker who only had Walls and H-attack THIS IS NOT A BAD THING.

    Stop Trying to control every aspect of our play, This is What made dungeon defenders 1 Such a good game.

  5. i am on Try [[5422,hashtags]] to get a egg and Nothing has Droped yet i have bin playing 

    Free play Nimbus reach Normal mode.

    We are winning WTF am i doing wrong?

    HAHA!!! IT TOOK ME 19 Hours of playing with a 30 min Power NAP BUT I GOT MY EGG!

    I would like to thank BinauralBeatsHub on youtube for the Power nap :)


  6. Feedback:

    The Lack of range: I do not like the mobs standing out of range of my towers Destroying them.  this is HUGELY annoying to me. 

    The Lack of Attack speed: There are Problems with long re-load towers not firing due to targets dieing.

    To much target focus: Without attack speed cannon ball towers over killing single mob's. Defenses cannot keep up with Groups.

    Game Focus on forcing player to Always make up for tower short comings is bothersome.

    I Dislike the current state of the towers. Even after 30+ hours Towers are not getting any better then i started with.

    I cannot recommend the game in its current state. 



  7. @Shudster quote:
    They have a long way to go, and seem to be working really hard to keep us happy.  I hope everyone can keep enjoying the game as it grows :)

    Well Said shudster, Now your forcing the mobs to go around a corner so they cant attack you at range. what towers are you using to counter the little bomb throwing ***s?

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