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  1. This game is Growing Fast and i just wanted to say Thank you to the Community.

    You are all amazing folks. Trust me i've bin to the starbound  forum its like a  morgue over there the community is so depressing. 

    Lets hear it for the Devs! Give this Post a like to show the Development Team we care!

    There's alot going around about whats wrong with the game, this post is about whats good about the game!


    I love the Bright color's and attention to detail. OMG could you imagine if this level of detail had bin put into a game like World of Warcraft. Simply amazing.

    My Fav Map is by far the thrown room. The Music on that level gives me chills! It makes me think of Lost opportunity or broken dream's. the sobbing Prince holding the crown and the painting of the king Slashed. this whole level tells a Story without a word of text. its truly a work of art.


    I CHALLENGE YOU ALL!!! Stop and smell the roses.

    Go to the table and Pick a random map, spend 10 Min Looking over everything. Look around for detail, You will Find loads of amazing story elements that add depth to the story without words.

    Then Come back to this and Post your Observation, If you find any little cool details Please Reply about it.

    Much respect 


  2. There Needs to be the ability to designate Master Builder

    When a Master Builder is Selected By Vote Or as a Option (when no other player's are present) that player

    Gets all the Chest mana at end of round.

    Can Sell any tower ( if other player towers are present.)

    Is Designated "Owner" of the match and cannot be removed from the game. (Accept by Afk timer)

    Much Respect 


  3. There Needs to be the ability to designate >Master Builder<

    When a Master Builder is Selected By Vote Or as a Option (when no other player's are present) that player >Gets all the Chest mana at end of round.

    >Can Sell any tower ( if other player towers are present.

    >Is Designated "Owner" of the match and cannot be removed from the game. (Accept by Afk timer)

    Much Respect 


  4. Why the need for this - it created a single decision point that limited our ability to create unique builds that players can choose between.

     Emoji_Skeleton.png   WAIT!!! players making there own builds and having fun how they want ! Emoji_Orc.png HOLY CRAP WE CANT HAVE THAT!

    Summoner_minimap_icon_c.png but i cant make sniper towers without Rang  Emoji_Orc.png QUIET!!! YOU WILL PLAY THE BUILDS ME MAKE AND LIKE IT!

    Summoner_minimap_icon_c.pngbut i have a idea to do a combo with Emoji_Skeleton.png YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND YOU WILL PLAY THE BUILDS WE MAKE NOT YOU MAKE! Summoner_minimap_icon_c.png but in dd1 we could Emoji_Orc.png YOU FOOLS! THIS IS DD2 WE DON'T CARE WHAT YOU WANT NOW PLAY THIS BALLISTA BUILD!!!

    Trendy entertainment 

                Emoji_Skeleton.png  Because You Cant Have Fun Unless We Let you. Now Go Buy More Hats!

  5. Update: 2:33 pm 8/21/2015

    OMG: Thank you All Vary Much

    All your Posts Where so amazing. 1 Thing i love about y'all is when i panic about something, You guys give me much better perspective. You all are amazing folks and I am so Lucky to have the opportunity to be part of this community.

    Sorry about the Rumble, rumble, rumble. 

    Summoner_minimap_icon_c.pngI Love you all Thank you.


    There is a big Problem in this game right now. Mainly the Towers are uninspired and loot viability is extremely low. 

    This Reply to another post touches on the Whole of the issue.  by Zuqual  8/18/151)


    Gear is boring. There are far fewer stats on pieces than there was in DD1. Stat values are fixed to item level instead of rolling in a range. This means, while it may still feel rare, it is relatively simple to find the perfect piece of gear, and replacing it is usually as simple as moving to the next ipwr map. In DD1, gear was far more granular and so putting together a powerful set was a more drawn out treasure hunt.2) Towers are boring. Bouncing bowling balls where fun, lightning jumping from creature to creature was fun, huge auras where fun, a tower shooting through walls was fun, gattling gun harpoons where fun. DD2 towers are less interesting and visually less appealing. The only really fun towers that come to mind in DD2 are the frostfire tower and the blaze balloon.3) The maps are boring. Think of the large maps in DD1. Now think of the largest map you played in the last week of DD2



    Before i start what i mean by loot viability is the ability to trade 1 set of stats for another to get a similar effect.

    Such as, Trading -50% of damage for enough range that the tower can fire twice before its attacked.

    The Loss of primary stats, was a crippling idea.

     the excuse of everyone doing tower build's will stack speed was a specious argument. now everyone doing a tower build will simply stack Tower attack VS Health. Before it was Power vs speed vs range vs health this gave a amazing range of "Tower Power's" and combination opportunity that no longer exist.

    This also translated as in Range and attack speed to a Visible difference between starting towers and end game ones. all of this combined to make a toolbox of sorts for us to experiment with.

    There are lots of Issues in this that we could address, However i am only going to talk about gear today. In Dungeon defenders 1 there was Much more wiggle room in the stats. A item would drop that adds 10 range and 5 speed. you would then half to balance that VS the 10 power and 5 range gloves you have. There was more to Towers then how many HP damage they do. This is no longer the case. now we are forced into Finding a trinket with pyromania because the 19%+ fire damage makes even trinkets with 150 more attack damage obsolete. 

    this makes legendary items Much less satisfying when the Blue that dropped on normal gives higher damage then the legendary. With out the option to add extra range Tower placement is limited. If the better attack trinket had alternate primary stats like range then it would make up for the Lack of damage with placement options, making that item's viability better. The point i am trying to make is now the towers are only as good as the DPS they can deal.

     Now enter the "builds" system witch adds More loot viability but removes a player ability to pick there own towers Growth. Well the builds sound good it is just another form of static upgrading as your builds are now limited by what the Developers can come up with before there budget runs out.

    Example: Lets say i wanted to make a build that would Use mainly earth shatter towers Poison darts and mage walls. I would build toons with gear favoring tower speed/tower range/tower health. Hoping that with extra long range the earth shatters would have time to weaken the mobs, the Poison darts would finish off whats left and the mage walls would act as cheep speed bumps. With the Current state of the game i could never make this work. the only way it could work would be if a Dev makes a build for it that boost's the Range of Earth shatter towers if mobs are poisoned. however without a Dev making a build to support this there are not enough Tower speed slots or range slots to accomplish this. 

    There are other obstacles they have put in our way such as the Max attack speed's leaving us with no other option then to use there limited idea's for "builds". Rather then make a our own combo's, we would be forced to use Dev Builds that favor other towers. instead of coming up with something extra ordinary we would be forced to use in game "Builds" that are more common. This is the main Problem i have with where its going. its taking the Tools out of Our hands and giving us Pre-"Built" set's. When a game removes your choice of how to play, it also removes your opportunity for creativity. It is this creativity that made Dungeon Defender's 1 such a unique and refreshing game to play. 

    I firmly be leave if DD1 was just another run of the mill static Tower defense none of us would be here now.

                                Please stop with the cookie cutter builds and let us make our own cookies. 

                                          Just give us back the tools to make our own.

    Thank you Vary Much to all the Readers/Replyers.

    Thank you Vary Much to all the Game Devs.

    Much Respect Gothraga

  6. 1: Build 4 squire practice dummy's under her Right rear leg.  (Keep then as close together as you can) there's a patch of green there to build. 

    2: level them up as much as you can. Keep them spinning as fast as you can!

    3: have AA towers near by to cover them from flyers.

    This Will DPS her down Super fast.

    In Multy player have 3 players guarding the eggs and 1 keeping the towers spinning.  DONE!

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