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  1. @MadMcDuck quote:
    • All Heroes

      • Ability Mana Regeneration Increased 1.0 -> 2.0

      • Ability Critical Chance Max Increased 30% -> 100%

    • Huntress

      • Hero Damage Scalar Increased 2.4 -> 5.0

      • Hero Base Damage Decreased 200 -> 100

      • Secondary Attack Increased Damage Scalar 2.5 -> 3.0

      • Sticky Nades Increased Critical Damage Scalar 1.5 -> 5.0

      • Oil Flask Increased Critical Damage Scalar 1.25 -> 3.5

      • Piercing Shot Increased Critical Damage Scalar 3.5 -> 8.0


    that's right

    In response to MadMcDuck

  2. How about a Bug fix for Missing Primary stats Tower attack speed and Tower Range.

    How About a bug fix for missing knockback on Player Weps.

    How about a bug for for the missing guns and hand cannons.

    How about a bug fix for Multiple ranged bolts at once.

    just sayin

  3. @Derek564 quote:

    The weapons we all loved in DD1 had knock back. I really miss that as a stat, especially as an apprentice. Melee still knock back/interrupt enemies with their melee attacks, why is knock back removed from my ranged weapons? Knock back is right up there with damage, projectiles and attack speed for me. I personally think its amusing to have ranged weapons with extreme knockback that make it so enemies are almost unable to reach you. Another stat that was very useful but is now gone, projectile speed. I liked having a faster projectile speed on better weapons so that you could actually hit a flying enemy that is flying right past you. I also really liked weapons with high upgrade levels that kept you working towards getting that thing maxed out. The max level on the weapon being a random number was really fun and kept you coming back for more. None of this fixed "IPWR 70 - 6-7 UPGRADE SLOTS" shenanigans. As Trump says, "MAKE DUNGEON DEFENDERS 2 GREAT AGAIN!" All seriousness, i'm not one of those "I hate this because this isn't the same as that" people, i'm just letting you know what i loved about DD1 weapons. 

    While i have you sitting there...NOBODY WANTS TO SPEND 4 HOURS TRYING TO GET A GOLDEN EGG (that may be a serpentiny with physical and magic resist) IN ONSLAUGHT. There needs to be a reward worth the time spent. There should be an exclusive end reward that can only be gotten by completing onsalught on that map, on that difficulty. Also, there should be better random weapon drops in later waves in survival...less garbage. Also, why can't i see how much gold/exp i have on my interface? There should be some kind of exp bar, this would be the first game ever to not actively show you your experience and what you need to level. 

    - Sad level 50 apprentice that is unable to solo without squire towers due to necessity to have a tower HP squire for blockades that can survive a single wave in Insane and with a half retarded pet dragon that sometimes is able to use his rock throw ability, most of the time he isn't. 


    In response to Derek564

  4. @Jeshua quote:

    My favorite weapons on DD1 were mostly guns, but we won't be getting guns on DD2... so... yeah.
    (The Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device was always my secondary weapon on the Huntress... being able to pretty much redirect an entire lane into another to then focus the defenses... was very fun and useful.)
    I also really liked the staves that changed how projectiles (well, we could shoot 6 of 'em at once...) worked, like the Northern Staff. Yup, Adept and Huntress for the win.

    The builds seem to be shaping up good, even if I disagree with the perceivable direction taken (as in, one tower type per builder character)... Would only be able to review it after a deck with 3~4 different class, specialized builders + 1 hero becomes viable... instead of the current 3 squire / 1 monk deck. Well, with enough diversity even 2 characters' decks may contribute tremendously on multiplayer games - as in, enough possible builds to enable crazy, viable combinations between randomly matched people. More than one specialized tower per hero still floats better in my imagination, tho.

    The merge between the PC and PS4 forks... seem like something that will help shape UX instead of UI... maybe we will finally get dedicated commands for the Hero Deck and Sphere Sheet instead of tabs on the inventory? that would make it faster both for controller and kb+mouse players. If memory serves me right, the Interaction Icons for defenses on DD1 were arranged in such a way that it made sense for gamepads (the actions were mapped to the dpad, so 4 directions in a wheel)... if it makes sense both for console and PC, then you don't have to create two different experiences / interfaces (as in FFXIV:ARR, where the users mix and match the crosshotbar and pc-hotbar UIs to their liking, as the team ended up creating two very different creatures).

    Spreadsheets are awesome! Color-coded ones are even moar beast~
    Balance work seems hard. Wishin' luck on that.

    Wish y'all lotsa sugar n caffeine.

    Agree Put back the guns. Please Dev's Go play DD1 for a week then go back to work. y'all have forgotten.

    In response to Jeshua

  5. @Serenity Naomi quote:

    Am I only one thinking promoting "Builds"is very bad idea. As they sad on devstream themselves they borrowed this idea from Diablo 3, and you don't see Blizzard saying ah we have this build and that build go try it out. Part of the fun is discovering all this builds by yourself and you are taking this fun aspect away from players. How excited i was in D3 when certain legendary droped for me and i was brainstorming how can i abuse this power into my advantage. And what happens here, Look we made Crappy harpoon build for it to work you need this runes this gear and this stats go kill stuff...

    I So agree i almost Posted this Same thing when watching a replay of the Dev Stream. This Whole Dev team Dose not understand what made Dungen defenders so grate. This is demonstrated By them trying at the start to making a MOBA. Then  demonstrated over and over with the addition of Builds and the lose of Primary >>CORE STATES<<

    At this point i am just watching them ruin what had the petentual of a Grate game.


    In response to Serenity Naomi

  6. Summoner_minimap_icon_c.pngTY ALL SO MUCH!

    I have a total Fullon Respection For all of you right now! I have faith in you all! 

    This is the moment Your live have built up to! Every choice Good or bad had Brought you all together Here at this moment! The Universe Exploded to form The Stars that Would Burn and forge the vary atoms that You carry today! That Spirit of Creation Is part of your VARY BEING!! ALLOW YOUR SPARK TO IGNITE A FIRE THAT WILL DRIVE ALL SHADOW FROM YOUR PATH AND LIGHT THE WAY TO YOUR DESTINY!!!

    mage.png Are you on Drugs or something?

    Summoner_minimap_icon_c.pngNo but i'm supposed to be.

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