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  1. Make walls 10-15% taller please. Add a Uber to add 10% more wall HP and 25% more wall Hight. Increase Frosty Boost range. increase Flame Thrower Tower Range and Aim Depression. Make Tower Cards. Make More Towers for each Defender. Make Cards interchangeable. (So i can Remove and tower and build a Tower deck) Add a Knock-back Trap to one of the defenders. Make Melee knock-back a Stackable skill for heroes. Make Range a Primary State Make Crit chance and crit power Spear only's. Stop calling your "builds" Cool they are not.
  2. Would not be a Problem if we could stack Primary range. [[48971,users]]
  3. controller support >>>WILL<<< Be Back ASAP. So don't worry about that just give them a few months and it should be good to go. ( I'm a mouse and keyboard person) The Game Play: We are being forced to Suffer through some bad Dev choices. All you can Do is Post [[48971,users]] and iamisom. Yelling at top of our lungs we don't want your builds. Other then this i do not see what we can do. The Devs are committed to this foolishness and we are being dragged along for the ride.
  4. The "Builds" foolishness has taken this game from a Tower defense game and turned it into a game of find the exploit. Will Blacksmith take responsibility, if this drives players away?
  5. Builds are a bad idea with the RNG System The odds of getting what you NEED primary + secondary are Vary Low. Also if you are Doing a DD2 build VS a DD1 state build up. Lots of "Good Gear" is worthless to you if it dose not have the right MIX of stats. Not having the right stats in DD1 was a 1 in 20 thing in this game its 1 in 100's Cuz we are doing "Builds"
  6. I am finding it hard to keep going when the Loot i need to move on NEEDS Vary Focused stats. To move on i NEED Pyromania and NEED Tower ATK + Tower HP To move on i NEED other gear with Tower attack + Frostfire on everything in order to Stack slow. If i do not get the EXACT STATS I CANNOT MOVE ON!. played 6 games of Insane LifeRoot Endgame. I GOT NOTHING. (to match my gear needs) if this was DD1 I could trade ,speed for range, Range for power , Power for Speed, and move on. Loot with good Combat Value seems like a 1 in 900 Roll. ( i'm guessing ) You cannot trade Tower power for Crit chance. Yo
  7. Agree with the Main post. Towers Are Lame, Mage Uber is bad, Lack of range pisses me off, Lack of speed Frustrates me. Loss of Temp Bag, Also Walls to short, walls need to be 15% taller. (Would make a good uber) This "Builds" Crap sucks, now its just a game of find the exploit.
  8. Ya i would agree with the last post. For the Time Sink this game is its not worth playing. The Dev's don't get it, there to busy Trying to shove there "Builds" down your throat's to really hear any thing we have to say. I don't see this game being anything other then Find the exploit From here on out. Just give it a thumbs down in steam and move on.
  9. i downed the oger on last wave and ran to the rest room. When i got back a Legendary chest was waiting for me! with 10 sec left on the clock. So i ran over And opend the chest with 4 sec left. the Chest Drops its gold and a Epic pops out right before i hit the key. Nope match over back to tavern 3..2..1.. Gone So Ty Trendy for finding a new way to make me not want to play. So i'm calling this a Bug if the chest is opend in the last 10 sec of the match you should Auto get the Gear.
  10. The Prob with "Balancing" in a Game like this is the RNG. Some folks might Get the Tower power +50, tower health +50, Vector correction 20%, pyromania 10%, kinda gear 5 times and move on to the next level. Some folks Get +50 tower Crit chance + 50 ability power 5 health every 10 sec, 5 times and are stuck barely winning for the Next level. So Folks Saying ITS TO EASY! ITS TO HARD! is just part of the Game. What we need to look at is, Do i feel Like my time investment is being rewarded with Progress?
  11. euro truck simulator 2 Ps. rumble rumble rumble mutiny mutiny mutiny
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