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  1. Glass Cannon: +x% damage dealt and taken. Sniper: - x% to +x% damage based on range (close enemies take less damage than normal attacks without this sphere) Rolling 20s: Every x crits cause your next ability to cost no mana. Boom, Headshot: Increases crit damage massively, no random crits. Quality over Quantity: Damage increases the more time passes between shots.
  2. Medium/Large Huntress (Speedy Flight)- +x% projectile speed. Makes shots fired from bow travel to their targets faster. Uber Huntress (Arrow Party) - Each projectile fired has an x% chance to ricochet towards a random enemy within a distance from the struck target. The projectiles can have a smaller chance of ricocheting each time (25% > 12.5% > 6.25%) If necessary, can have a negative effect to balance it out. Uber Huntress (Explosive Arrows) - Arrows explode on contact with enemies or terrain, dealing x% of either hero or ability damage in a small radius. Slower firing speed or slo
  3. People seem to have misinterpreted the Help Create the Exclusive In-Game Title Thread, and have been submitting ideas for new titles, instead of the title that "all pre-existing members and users who register[ed] between now and December 5th" will recieve a code for. This thread is for people to submit ideas for earnable, non-exclusive titles. Like always, limit yourselves to one idea per post, so people can support a title they like, without having to support three at once. Also, I'm putting this in General Discussion, because this is more of a brainstorming-for-ideas-thread than an actual su
  4. Amaterasu pet, and Celestial Brush staff for the Apprentice (Ōkami) Since the face is hidden, even an Issun costume for him...
  5. Maybe each title you unlock can be worth points(hidden or visible), and when you get enough, you either unlock a new title, or title color option. Once you get an insane amount of points...the Title can slowly cycle between every available color! Should hero names also have changeable colors, and should titles be equipped per-hero, not per account/deck? I'm uncertain about the first one, but would like to see the second one implemented(I'm pretty sure it was currently shared, I haven't really messed with it much). If the way similar to Monster Hunter I mentioned is used, maybe player's her
  6. <name> It's over 500! Don't think it is worth making a second post, but can also be "is over 500!"
  7. Assuming they must be (or can be) purchased with real money, it would generate revenue to maintain the game's quality. That being said, if they can't be bought with gold, I wouldn't purchase them myself...unless there was an insanely awesome one.
  8. With this, it would be to similar to the squire wall, which deals damage when being attacked... It's about the same.. Sorry, I meant deflects projectiles, not to bounce back and hit enemies.
  9. Maybe titles can be done like the ones in Monster Hunter; as you perform certain feats, you unlock words to use in titles. Then you get to combine the words to make your own unique title. Example: "Slayer" "of" "Witherbeast", or "God" "of" "Strategy". The middle word consists on non-unlockable conjunctions, and can be left blank.
  10. Apprentice wall could (as a base ability or a spec) reflect projectiles. To make it not too OP, the wall itself could take 50% damage from the projectile, but prevent AoE or piercing attacks from hitting the towers behind it.
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