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  1. Please post if you know any info related to when it will be released but don't post if your not supposed to say anything
  2. Hey can you get on Xbox im on and I friended you
  3. Yes I am legit and then again no I have 2 accounts
  4. And just out of curiosity how old are you? You don't have to tell me
  5. Would anybody here buy a season pass if there were to be one so you could already have all the DLC locked in for you to receive when released. This also would give the Trendy Team extra money to help them improve the game more not that there is much to be improved and also put money in their wallets of course :)
  6. Hmm really do you wanna play today or sometime soon what is your gamertag and thanks for the warm welcoming
  7. Please post below if you have any cool ideas that you would like to share for maybe and up coming boss or just share your thoughts on what you would like to help and give the Trendy Team some ideas from their fans.
  8. I cant wait until I can play this game I have recommended about a dozen people to buy and play this game on the Xbox 360 and they actually bought it and I played with them and amongst them is my brother he also bought the game maybe a week or two ago and he loves the game! I have probably played this game and put in about a no-life 250 hours since I bought it about a year and a half ago but I love this game it never gets boring due to all of the animation and detail and great customization for us the players to use and have at our dispense. But anyways I am so pumped for
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