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  1. Hey guys! We are def talking about updating the way mana drops in terms of what percentage comes from where. (chests vs enemies) As well as the AMOUNT of mana that you receive. There are a few things to look at while we tackle this variable. One thing we want to balance out, is chest mana is instanced per player, while mana dropped from enemies is not. Those players that tend to stay outside of the danger zone sometimes have trouble finding green mana during the phases, so having a good amount come from the green chests helps players those types of players. That being said, after looking back at DD1 mana distribution, which didn't have any sort of instancing of mana, a majority of the mana for your builds came from the combat phase. This caused more building / repairing / upgrading during the combat phase which felt fun. So we may look into pushing more green mana to pop up in the combat phases to provide some cool moments during the combat phase for those who want to be more active builders. One thing we may also look at doing is putting a lot more green mana in the game for players in general, while balancing the DU limit a bit. One of the big balance factors for DD1 maps was the DU limit per map. This was the major restriction to building towers on DD1 maps and doing some tests to see how we can achieve a similar affect with this revamp. One of the factors we want to watch closely in this particular change would be to make sure players who jump into a game, don't feel like they can only place a few towers in a public game. It might not be fun to jump into a match and only build 2 towers with a smaller DU limit. The other thing we are looking at is shortening match times. We have done a bit of investigating into shorter more "punchy" waves. This allows players to run a few matches in the time it used to slog through a Nightmare session. We hopefully will be showing off some of these changes on a dev stream soon to give a glimpse at the changes we want to make.
  2. I love this thread. Of all threads, I love this one. Four curious people, the secret will still be available after the event.
  3. So just a quick note on these difficulties; we wanted to create difficulties that had the widest breath of range we could. We also have some limited time challenges in this event. We didn't want to create a LIMITED challenge only nightmare IV players could complete. However, these difficulties and ranges are Event Specific. Meaning once these maps are no longer only part of the event, they will have all the difficulty ranges you can dream of. (that we currently have in the game) So you will (eventually) be able to play our spookiest maps at Nightmare IV, just not as part of the Event.
  4. Latest Hotfix notes: *Reduced Orcs and Drakins in all threats for Nightmare *Reduced number of groups coming out in early threats ;)
  5. Once again more great ideas and updates we can make to nightmare. Just wanted to post again that I'm still looking through these threads and getting all the feedback I can. It's great to hear concerns as well as what you guys would like to see! Keep at it and I'll keep reading and taking notes.
  6. Thanks everyone who commented so quickly! A few quick notes about a few of the responses so far: " I don't think it should be entirely easy, but I do think it should be doable with gear from insane, and currently it isn't even doable with re-rolled gear from nightmare." - [[42561,users]] Agreed, we want you to progress normally into Nightmare 1. You should feel a bit of kick walking into nightmare for the first time (or first few times) but once you get the hang of it, Nightmare should just be the next challenge you are facing. Not a wall you run into a billion times. "Increase starting mana, or mana in general. It would be nice to have enough mana on all maps to completely finish building before wave 1. It would be nicer to have a little bit of mana left over and decide whether to burn it in advance with upgrades or hang on to it for repairs." -[[38837,users]] This is def. a good idea. Giving a bit more options to build with and start a better defense is def. something we can look into. "Imo avg run should be ~20 mins (like 10 with OP gear from higher difficulties, 15 with required, and 20-30 with lower than required)" -[[87747,users]] I think this is on the right track. Probably wanna aim around that time for sure. Nightmare is a bit of slug fest at the moment and making it more reasonable time to complete is on the table. And a few mentioned making sure loot that drops gives that "AWWW YEA GOT SOME NIGHTMARE LOOT YO!" feelin'. Again, thanks for all the feedback. Keep it coming guys!
  7. So, as one of the guys working on Nightmare balance, I would just like to thank everyone for their feedback so far on Nightmare balance. I am personally reading every single thread and making copious notes about potential changes we can make to Nightmare to make it more fun and more rewarding. Here’s some of the feedback I’ve gathered so far: It’s not fun.It’s too hard.Insane is easy but NM1 is too hard.It’s not rewarding when you do complete waves.It takes too long to do Nightmare runs (also hearing this about other playlists). Here are a few things I’d like to potentially do for Nightmare next: Make the difficulty ramp from Insane into NM1 a bit more smooth. Right now the wall is a bit of a hurdle and we'd like to make that better.Adjust the waves and shrink the “time to complete” down. This could be in shorter waves or in less number of waves.Make sure the recommended Ipwr is what you need to beat the content with. Right now it appears that you need above recommended Ipwr in Nightmare to stand a fighting chance. If you have above recommended Ipwr, it should make it a bit easier.Some other minor updates to make solo and 4 player both just as viable options. How do you feel about these changes? What else would you like to see?
  8. The traps damage scale with the power of the enemies in each map. It's highly possible we need to increase Environmental trap damage across the board. If they traps are NOT scaling with higher level enemies, that would be a bug as that is the intention.
  10. - Suggestions for Acts of Bravery - Complete maps as: "This and That" - Only Use Even / Odd abilities Towers (2,4,6,8 or 1,3,5,7) "Combo Addict " - Only Use tower / ability combos, ie frost cannonball, oil/blaze balloon. "Who Needs 'em" - Use NO Tower / ability combos "None Shall Pass" - Only Use Blockades and Left Click "The Little Guys" -Hero takes out Goblins (includes the two specials) , Towers Take out all other enemies (including specials / ogres) "I have no idea what I'm doing"- Only Hero Based Stats on characters (ignoring Magical and Physical Resist) "Where do I put this" -No Towers placed in the "walkable" enemy space
  11. Which air ship? The one in the far distance?
  12. Spoilers? Are these spoilers? Please tell me these are spoilers. I bring no spoilers to this thread, only the same excitement you guys have for cool map themes.
  13. Best thread That Egyptian theme and western theme tho
  14. I don't think I saw it in here, so I SUMMON LEVEL DESIGNERS Where do you get your inspiration for the levels? Out of almost every game I play, DD still has the best levels IMO. Can't wait to see the all of the DD2 levels. Level Designer Esorath reporting for duty. "Inspiration on the side of Level Design as a whole" I grew up building with legos in a giant box where I would just build out buildings and ships and castles. Then I took a strong interest in architecture. The way buildings are laid out, the structures and geometry of buildings really intrigued me. This really played well into creating believable spaces. Combine architecture and my love of games and you end up with level design. "Inspiration on the Dungeon Defenders 2 side" When creating a map for DD2, I usually start with the art sketches of what the area looks like. The next step is to make sure it is really fun to navigate around the map as a player. Since the thing you do the most is run around a map, that needs to be really fun to do. So my inspiration as a rounded out item: Believable Spaces that are really fun for the player to navigate around.
  15. Esorath

    New Reveal: Enemy Tiers

    In the original Dungeon Defenders, we used different colors to designate enemy difficulties. This was a clear way to show that one enemy was harder than another, but it didn’t allow for variety in the way enemies were presented during each wave. In Dungeon Defenders II, we've thrown out the color system, and we're now using a tier system. A tier is basically an “upgraded” version of an enemy. We’ve shown you different enemy tiers in previous blogs from Javelin Throwers to the nightmare-inducing Ogres. These enemies and almost every other enemy in the game will come at your defenses in different tiers. Below, you can see a Tier 1 Orc, a Tier 2 Orc and a Tier 3 Orc. As you can see, each tier is not a new enemy, but there is a visible progression between the three Orcs. The first Orc can be pretty threatening when first encountered, but then you meet the second tier of Orc. He’s stronger, hits harder and can withstand more damage from towers and heroes. Then you move on to fight the Tier 3 Orc. Basically a walking tank, this armored foe is no joke. If he’s not dealt with, a Tier 3 Orc can do some serious damage to your defenses. Using this system, level designers will have more fine-tune control on how the difficulty of the game ramps up. We’re able to introduce enemies early on in the game like the Orc and the Kobold for players to learn how to respond to that type of threat. The higher-tier versions of those enemies allow the level designers to generate harder difficulty late game without needing to send out hundreds of Orcs and Ogres. New Tiers, New Fears Some tiers aren’t just stronger versions of an enemy. Many Dungeon Defenders fans are familiar with the tower-busting enemy known as the Kobold. He’s back in DD2, and by utilizing the tier system, we can vary the gameplay of the Kobolds to generate different difficulty from one enemy type. The tiers of Kobolds progress not from the front, but from the middle. We have a standard Kobold or Tier 2 Kobold in the center. This run-of-the-mill exploding menace makes his return as he was in DD1. But his tier setup goes down to a smaller and faster version, the speedy Kobold. Upon setting off his wick, this Kobold skates his way at high speeds towards his target. His speed comes at a cost, though, as he does a smaller damage amount than his medium-sized compadre. On the other side of the scale, we have our Heavy Kobold. This third tier of the Kobold is the heavy hitter. He packs a harder punch than the regular Kobold but at the cost of speed. He moves much slower, making it easier to take out before he is able to blast through the towers. This new tier progression is a way to generate a much smoother and enjoyable ramp in difficulty for players. It also allows a variety of enemies to challenge the players without creating too much confusion when trying to learn new enemy types. Do you have an idea for an enemy tier? Tell us in the comments below, and you could win a pre-alpha code for Dungeon Defenders II! You have a full week to leave a comment. We’ll pick TWO random posters and reveal the winners next Tuesday! Don’t have a forum account? It takes less than a minute to join the community! Also, there’s still time to enter The Concept Art Process blog giveaway, where we'll also select two random winners! Instead of our usual two blogs per week, we're going to post one dev blog a week moving forward. Don't worry: We'll still giveaway four pre-alpha codes per week -- two on each blog and two on each Facebook post!
  16. [QUOTE] One more thing, I hate to be picky. But the cog activation wheel (which looks awesome by the way) is off to the side of the gate, which would mean the player activating it wouldn't be able to see the gate's effect clearly, which in turn would deprive the player from the satisfaction of seeing the orkies impaled from the spikes. [/QUOTE] I agree the activation is off to the side. But this trap is able to be activated by being attacked So you can be wherever you want and slam that gate shut on the little minions. It is quite satisfying to get the timing right on that trap and destroy a pack of goblins. The water trap IS very fun to see and use, but takes a little less skill and timing to pull off as it is activated and throws enemies off over time. The gate trap actually came from another prototype that DID have it coming from the top and slamming down. But we wanted the player to be able to be on top of the gate bridge and have it still work. May look into having them fly into the wall though... could be pretty visceral. Like I mentioned in the previous post, traps are ever evolving and we are working to provide even better experiences and interactions with the map as a whole. Can't wait to show you what we have planned.
  17. [Dark Spirit Esorath has invaded your world] Yo! I saw someone mention they wanted to see who came up with the environmental traps. Well that'd be yours truly.(And the other level designers but who needs'em amiright?) As one of the level designers, I usually work with the great artists, concept guys, creative guys to get the feel of what the next map is supposed to be. Creating the layout always comes before environmental traps, because if the space isn't fun to move around in, the entire map won't be fun regardless of kick-butt traps in there. After the layout is done, I usually have an idea of what sort of effect I want the trap to have, or maybe some visual I want the trap to communicate. After that I do some basic testing and see how it works. If it looks cool and has a sweet payoff, thats a good trap. Sometimes we will create a trap that works really well but not in the layout that was built around it. So we save that trap idea for another map. The water trap in Siphon Site D is probably a good example of that. It was a in a previous iteration of another Sewer map that I had created. That iteration didn't pan out so EvilMrFrank ported that water trap into what is now Siphon Site D. Since environmental traps are new to DD2, they will be ever evolving and always finding ways to make them awesome. The Gate trap you guys saw a while back is probably one of my favorites. PS Best thread [Phantom Esorath has returned home]
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