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  1. All the cool stuff you can see in the background is probably my favorite part of our maps, and it's something we want to continue so you really feel like you're fighting in Etheria, not just some isolated place. And not to spoil it, but you may have gotten closer to those lights than you think!
  2. I don't feel qualified to answer the first question. :P Follow up questions... How much does the staff actually play their own game, outside of QA that is? Kind of like how many actors don't watch their own movies? Weekly, usually. We do an internal playtest on Fridays to get feedback on new maps, balance changes, and updates to the build. I think everyone really enjoys it, because despite how much we interact across departments, it's impossible to see what everyone is working on until you get a chance to sit down and play it. [QUOTE]3rd question... what are your feelings on the most recent episode of GoT? Do you think they should have done the royal wedding so early in the season?[/QUOTE] In the as-of-yet paraphrased words of Olenna Tyrell, it was a lovely wedding and money well spent. And I'm glad it was done early. Frees up the typical episode 9 extravaganza for more of the joy and sunshine that we've come to expect from the series. [QUOTE]Second of all... will DunDef 2 have kewl easter eggs and unlockable non-game stuff, like the secret room in the Tavern?[/QUOTE] This and the next question are great ones for Blacksmith, I think! His summon sign is probably around here somewhere... That OgreBearLOVE guy knows what's up, though.
  3. I can already see improvements just from this summer! Love the art style, and great job making the metal look reflective!
  4. Really cool depiction of the Spirit Warrior! Looking forward to seeing what you do with our future heroes. :D
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