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  1. Hey guys The name says it all, It seems to be harder and harder to find games. What are peak times, because I seem to miss them. It seems that there are nothing but people farming items and afk shops. I would hate to see the game go down due to lack of players. :o) k done ranting
  2. Hey guys, I was wondering if any 1 else has noticed that there highfive now misses like 3 out of 4 swings. I had this happening to me on spooky map set to hard, more testing needed I thinks
  3. Wow cool thanks guys all great help ill work on this. thanks again
  4. Hey guys I was wondering, I want to make my monks electric aura crazy strong. How high would my aura damg have to be inorder to kill off most things on hard without me having to attack with my monk. I know kinda an open question, but I mean im going to put 70 into both damg and the last 1 aura attack speed thing. Should I upgrade my items to add more dmg or more of the attack speed thing. Thanks in advance and please feel free to correct me if i am miss understanding the aura stats
  5. Hey guys I was wondering, how can you tell if an item that was dropped by a mob it a rare without picking it up. People have said that its green, but im not sure what they mean by that. Is it the ring around the item on the floor that will be green?
  6. Hey guys I was just wondering, what programing language was used to make this game. I assume C++, but I know a little java and think it would help my programing if I could mod. Thanks in advance Bryce
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