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  1. That is an interesting idea, the Ballista actually had a much smaller firing cone for most of DD2's development then it was made wider. We'll experiment with making it smaller. I do agree though with the problem you stated, it is actually something I dislike about the Ballista when I use it myself! Blacksmith Amazing idea right here!
  2. Hey there everyone! The Legendary Passives. Those should still exist in the game (if you aren't finding them then that is a bug). In fact, the monk's Purge Evil build is centered around that legendary passive (although we did rework it). We'll look into this and make sure they are dropping on that map.
  3. What he says is true! I imagine more of a girlish "teehee!" XD Well it depends... I'm practicing my cackles lately but sometimes I just don't have it in me. [[4370,users]] isn't kidding though, we have a giant switch called "Weekend Events" that I flip on and off!
  4. Hey Sweetwarlock, Thanks for taking the time to write this post. Sorry I couldn't get to it sooner but as you can imagine there is a lot we are trying to work on ATM. So PETS! Gosh we've made so many variations and iterations on the pet system since we first launched it. Believe me when I say there were about 6 or 7 different versions of the pet system before we even launched the Pets & Dragons patch (one version even had some pets turning into Defenses!). So you might be wondering what is taking us so long to get this right? Well honestly, as you are well aware, we are always super care
  5. Thanks Alabama I can't wait to get that build in everyone's hands and see what you all think of it! Thanks for the support! Also, stay tuned for even more builds in the future ;)
  6. Hey there, We're actively investigating this pesky bug and a fix should make its way to all of you soon! We're sorry about this.
  7. Hey there! Funny you should mention that! This is actually due to a bug with passives. To explain it briefly, before this update we used to have certain passives appear on multiple items and stack. After this patch these passives only appear on specific types of items but are far more powerful (to make up for the lost stacking). A good example would be the passive that boosts the boost aura damage boost (that was a strange sentence...) Before the patch you were able to find this on multiple items but the passive was pretty small. So imagine you found it on 4 items with 5% boost from each it
  8. This is awesome Yuwee (@iamison shared this with a bunch of people). We're also pretty unhappy with the black backgrounds in the TIB and how messy it looks but we haven't had time to fix it. Now we have your awesome references to talk about when the time comes!
  9. Hello Defenders! We recently fixed a bug that might cause you guys to think more strategically on how and where you build your Defenses! I wanted to take a bit of time to talk to you about it. Cores in our game have what we call a Prevention Volume that keep you from building Defenses too close to them. The goal here is to encourage more diverse strategies in different maps rather than always having you build right around the objectives. A while back we discovered that most (if not all) our cores were bugged and didn’t have those Prevention Volumes working as they should have. We fixed t
  10. Hello Defenders!!! So this has been an issue for a while. The good news is that it will be fixed in a future update. With that out of the way, I did want to take a second to explain some things related to passives. In order to clarify passives, I took a long hard look at the list we had so far and where they appeared. The goal was to "theme" the passives around the items that they appear on in order for you guys and gals to clearly associate what sort of passives each type of item can give. As an example: The head slot is thematically all about "wisdom" and "intelligence," so you will s
  11. Hey Gigazelle... That's fantastic! Thank you so much for taking the time to put that mock together and writing the post. You have a lot cool ideas there, I passed the post around internally as well so a lot of the people on our team got to see it as well. I'll make sure we evaluate your mock (maybe we can incorporate some elements) when we have another pass at the inventory. Thanks again! (also if anyone else has more ideas and suggestions... Keep'em comin!) Well, now that I know you'll get a notification for this post... *evil grin* First and foremost, INCLUDE STATS ON THE INVENTORY PAGE. Ca
  12. Hey Draemn, Thanks for starting this thread! We’re always looking for more feedback on our UIs especially the more critical ones like inventory. We are well aware that player interactions with the inventory are currently far from ideal and we've been steadily making improvements to that which we hope are making things better bit by bit. We’re still listening so any advice you all have or things you really dislike make a note of them in this thread or another! Thanks!
  13. Currency and experience boosts do not currently affect other teammates but that is something we are looking into and think it might be a cool addition to DD2 in the future. As for the rest of your question, these boosts only apply to the hero that wears them and obviously only when you are using that hero.
  14. Hey Snipper, We really enjoyed playing Tower Wars ourselves internally a while back! We aren’t ready to talk about future game modes in DD2 just yet but I will say we look back on DD1 and what was popular and entertaining there when we are discussing game modes (including mods). Keep an eye out for future game mode reveals and be sure to let us know what you think!
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