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  1. I know the feeling, frustrating and unfair =[ Im not sure if you will be able to recover it.... So ill give you a cube! So you keep happy in the game and carry on playing ;) Add my steam in my sig ;) I really do appreciate it... some guy gave me some trans sets the other day so now i kinda feel like im accepting too many freebies lol. I more upset at the fact that things can/will go missing again. I thought i had been hacked but i had an MK2 in the same box that a hacker would of taken surely?
  2. trendyENT???? they typo'd their own name? The problem is that i dont know how long ago i lost it. I got it about a week ago and put it in my box and i havent touched it since, i never thought i had to worry about items dissapearing >.
  3. I put my Cube in my shop with my MK2 both with a value of zero so no one could buy them. Now it's not there... I've checked all my folders and even my characters to see if they have it equipped but it's not there! Ive been trying to trade my cube for new gear, good job i didnt find a good deal cos i no longer have a cube! This happened before???? Thanks guys, John
  4. You don't upgrade the gas traps because that makes the Djinn target them to unsummon, which in turn can kill the buff beams, and wrecks the build completely (Buff Beams are killed when a tower they're buffing is killed). As for the mobs congregating because of the gas traps, I have this problem on nearly every map, I'm convinced i'm placing the traps wrong or something. I assume you just have to move it closer to your damage sources so that the point where they get stuck is still hit by towers/minions/auras. I read somewhere that Djinn dont unsummon your items unless they are upgraded to lvl 4 or more. So you should be able to upgrade to level 3 with no issues but i dunno how true this is.
  5. Awesome build, thx. Managed to complete wave 30 finally! I was wondering why were not meant to upgrade the gas traps though? And i also had a small issue with the western gas trap.... hundreds of shamans and djin would congregate right on the edge of the gas trap where my archers cannot reach. I had to kill them myself which ended with me dieing a lot and i have 90% generic resists and about 1mill NM DPS.
  6. Hey guys, ive just started doing aquanos survival but im having a few issues. Clearly my play style isnt working. I have sharkens knocking my physical beams out of the way, ogres at wave 20 are just smashing my minion walls apart and all the way up to wave 20 i have sneaky djins and GC's hiding round corners, sniping at my defenses. I started using gas traps but im pretty sure they dont work on ogres? and the djins never seem to be in a position where the gas traps affect them. Physical beams are much cheaper than minion walls but they keep getting headbutted by speedy *** sharkens >.< Just wanting to know your tactics for dealing with each mob. Thanks guys :)
  7. This is pretty much my story when i first started! Got a 87 monk, 85 monk, 83 summoner, 78 squire, 85 jester, 76 EV, 83 apprentice, 80 traptress and i still cant farm coal :) im in a similiar situation just a little further into the game. All you need to do is find out which map is best for dropping the next armour you need then farm that for new gear. Try different building methods because the same tactic doesnt work on every map which you will find out later. Ramparts is a good map once you have done it a few times and find yourself a good setup. Once you get to 74, you can buy some semi-decent mythical gear for around 50-100mill a piece. If you get 600mill from each game you play then you have plenty of mana to buy gear, thats assuming you cant reach a high enough wave to find good gear. Im pretty sure ramparts wave 20+ on NMHCMM gives transcendent too so it should also give high end mythical gear which if you make a set, you can auction it off on the forums. People generally pay a LOT more for a set than individual pieces. Find the hardest map you can get to wave 20+ on because thats where the gear gets a nice stat boost. If you can do NMHC then even better. NMHCMM is a bit of a pain on some maps. if you're gonna do insane then i think you have to do it on HC mode and nothing useful will drop until wave 20. It may be in your interest to power level and DPS character up because they are surprisingly useful. Need them for killing bosses on the shards maps and many challenges for nice rewards. Keep us updated :)
  8. Thanks for the replies guys.... finally killed him. Took a while though! I just ran around on my DPS monk healing all the towers every now and again then me and my g/f would jump the kraken with my hero boost on and we managed to do about 10mill damage before he smashed us to pieces.... Rinse and repeat :) I think the problem was not having 90% resists. Also, im pretty sure none of the items we have are hacked. Those dps values i gave you were in the tavern, not actual NMHC dps.
  9. What is the deal with this OPed son of a hairy giraffe? My g/f has a jester that does 45mill dps in the tavern with my hero boost and her cat. I do 18mill dps. Kraken has 105mill health. CANNOT kill the damn thing! We managed to get him to 75mill health but then the base blew. I dont get it, why is he so ridiculous compared to the other bosses? And how do i go about killin him? He 1 hits me and i have 68% resists or whatever it is.... His tentacles grow back instantly when he kills us. I hate him! HATE HIM! aaaaaargh.....
  10. Thanks for uploading that file, I downloaded it too :) I got a question though.... Why would anyone EVER play with split screen? The controls are horrific.... i can only attack with my F1 character but i can only move the F2-F3 characters. My 15" laptop screen just split into 4.... its horrible! Is there not a way to switch between screens? So i can have my entire screen dedicated to 1 character at a time? this is just unplayable for me.
  11. Question.... What does Mix Mode do? And does it increase the quality of item drops and exp gained?
  12. Oooo i got a question... when it gets to later levels, im not sure which character to use. I figure if i use my summoner, all my minions get a stat boost which is HIGHLY needed! Or i can stay on my monk which has a very useful tower boost skill.... Any suggestions? What do you guys do on the later levels?
  13. Thanks for the reply! Im gonna try it on NMHCMM.... assuming im not gonna get very far past wave 15 but as long as the drops are better, Im happy :)
  14. Well i managed to do Mistymire on Insane so me and my girlfriend decided to do it on NM. We made it to wave 21 so we tried again by starting at wave 10.... we failed instantly. Upon trying another time we made it to wave 28 but i only got 2 Trans armours. I didnt get a weapon with a higher shop value than 2mill. Didnt seem like much of a victory :/ Where to after Mistymire?
  15. Apologies for the repeat posts! My internet went home drunk.... I tried aquanoes on insane and did it fairly easy. Tried it on NM and just about made it to the boss and then 4 of us managed to do ZERO damage to him. I know you have to take out his tentacles first but they were respawning faster than we could do him harm. Glitterhelm NMHC for me i reckon!
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