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  1. b but Ice is the forum and bugtracker design master! Gobu Well Thank you all anyway :D it was probably meburs
  2. Pacific Daylight Time will never be nerfed.
  3. I agree with most of the things you said here, great feedback.
  4. Agreed. I've been playing some public matches both before and after the patch and keeping a eye on how new players felt. Before the patch a lot of new players were building in really weird places and struggling early on, so a lot of them quit the game. Now it seems that they are able to at least progress through most of campaign. An overall improvement in my opinion.
  5. New players will be using the base 4 (probably), so it makes sense to focus on those. The rest of the buggers are a whole different kettle of fish.
  6. I feel like the core 3 pillars should be beginners guides for brand new players, tips and tricks (the sort of stuff aimed at the average players informing them of a few tricks they might not know) and then standard build guides that people can just copy for easy wins (because let's be honest, plenty of people would find that handy). Being an informational channel is the best way to thrive with this game in my opinion. Unlike many other games, I feel like DD2 isn't that much fun to simply watch other people playing. It's better as a platform to bring together personalities and have them carry t
  7. Dani is here to ruin the fun once again. An all too common occurrence ;') 5
  8. Trendy plz add a report function so I can report this guy. thx baes Kappa
  9. With grammar and English skills this good, it's hard to deny the guy really... He seems legit.
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