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  1. SID: Boo Boo Kitty F*ck http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198068352251/ ALSO: this sounds EXACTLY like the idea i recommended >-> actually it IS the idea i recommended... You do realize that when you recommended the idea this topic was already up explaining the idea, and the map was already being done half a week before this topic even went up? When I read it I honestly thought you saw the topic and just recommended the same thing O.o
  2. http://i.imgur.com/Ej8jpMp.jpg Not perfect, but kinda works... Do it with friends, on last waves actively DPS. We had problems on middle crystal with ogre when we were semi-AFKing, lost on wave 34. This is for Insane, this won't work in Nightmare.
  3. Copyright and stuffs, not happening... I believe it's not a problem on open since it's not made by them and no one is profiting from it. But On ranked? Not happening.
  4. *Edit: Also, anyone getting a sort-of Skyrim nostalgia on seeing the promo picture? I sure do! xD Just going to leave this here...
  5. Anyone have tips on how to beat the dragon? Invulnerability doesn't last long enough, and there is quite a long cooldown. And I picked the health sword, even though the internet said that one was the worst Invulnerability -> Teleport -> Seed -> Cooldown on Invul will be up, rinse repeat.
  6. (If you don't get it: http://dungeondefenders2.com/forum/showthread.php?97965-Art-Thread-If-I-could-make-a-game&p=862897&viewfull=1[[3951,hashtags]] )
  7. This appeared in my tavern D: I'm scared. Is this hax? Maybe somebody dropped it while I was doing afk shop. Should I vendor it to NPC or can I keep it?
  8. It is haunting me now D: It appeared in my tavern and it doesn't want to leave!
  9. To me this game isn't about hoa rding items, it's about defending crystals from monsters. It's a tower defense, and it's a damn fun tower defense. People creating items somewhere else are not affecting my fun while I'm setting up my towers to defend my crystal from those pesky monsters... If a guy with way too high stats to be true join my game, I just kick him and proceed playing :) I do understand however that you see this game as some sort of economy-based-game where you want to collect valuables or something to "have fun". But that's not my idea of fun, and I'm sure I'm not alone on this.
  10. i didn't vote actually but i'm disappointed cuz they switch this site for DD2 while they are not even ready to swiych, to be honest .. they should move much faster .. i mean as we see, closed beta is going very very slow until right now we are waiting !!! this is so sucks to be honest .. i think if they are moving like that they will need like a year or more to finish the full game... that's why this is really sucks!!!!
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