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  1. That's exactly what I read when I made my comment.
  2. Will linux version be released with mac version?
  3. So is linux support something that is being worked on at all yet? I've been noticing the game on steam but windows only is kinda of a killer for some of us. Was curious if it was in the works or something that is still a couple years out.
  4. I wonder how much it costs to upgrade a 461 up item in DDE hehe
  5. I just checked back on the forum to see the status of dd2, I would love to participate in the beta.
  6. [QUOTE] +849 Stats weapons and armors[/QUOTE] you do know that is possible? front page of trading forum for example: http://dungeondefenders2.com/forum/showthread.php?101533-WTA-Ultimate-Sparus-Can-reach-970-TDMG http://dungeondefenders2.com/forum/showthread.php?101438-WTA-ULT-pet-can-reach-890-TDMG and i know 840 is possible on armor with set bonus, not sure if you can get more. Wish there was a simple layout of what possible stats are.... so maybe the "hackers" are not hackers......
  7. Is there one particularly that gives better exp per hour than the rest?
  8. Well I got it down to 3 half minutes per million exp. Doing Hardcore Insane Aquanos and skipping the last wave. I'm running on linux and trendy still hasn't fixed the split screen not working (along with other gameplay changing differences). so I can't get the no wep bonus. Is there another area I might want to try doing? I've just been using: Lvl 78 Tower Squire: 1200/3500/2000/1400 Tower stats Lvl 75 Aura Monk: 600/1900/1400/1000 Tower stats Chars I also have: Lvl 78 Melee DPS Monk: With hero boost off... Insane 2 Mil dps/Pet 1 mil, Res 90/90/90/90, 13k health NM 280k dps/Pet 2 Mil dps, Res 66/76/66/66, 104k health Also have a Lvl 74 summoner and a Lvl 74 apprentice with no gear. Thanks.
  9. For the last few days I have ran into that, I just keep clicking on ranked game and it eventually connects, sometimes it takes 30 or so tries lol, but it has always eventually worked. Then it is fine until I close my steam, then the problem happens again when I go to play again.
  10. So my question is, is there any plans to fix at least the inconstant game play? I mean gems not gravitating to you, f1 chat log not popping up, not being able to split screen, alt + scroll wheel not rotating through auras on ground (I was told this works on windows I have no idea). I stop using windows years ago, but I have seen a few youtube videos of how it's supposed to work. I've never seen a "cross platform" game that has different game play on one OS to another when I can play with the other OS. The windows users have an advantage just for using windows.... I installed through steam and don't have many issues others have posted with the game not running. My game runs fine (after little config file changes), just game play is different. I really don't want to spend more money on DLC if I'm always going to be at a disadvantage to others. Just switching to windows is not an option for me. The concept of the game is great and I would love to get more involved in the game.
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