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  1. i really enjoyed this map and now i cant seem to find it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CypptPpTTr0 this isn't my video of course, Just stating so i don't receive any credit. The video is showing the map im looking for.
  2. ok is any1 gonna answer my question or am i wasting my time here
  3. I made a thread asking the same thing(well kind of the same thing) and no1 has bothered to kindly answer me. Talk about customer friendly (rolls eyes)
  4. In the development kit, i've learned how to spawn items for example the hit dummys. I'm not sure what there called exactly but those manican things you hit in the tavern, i've seen maps that would reward you with items with custom stats for hitting them . I'd like to know how to do that And also how to save and add the map to the workshop when i'm done
  5. im wanting to do my own item map,something very simple like editing 1 of the default maps i've learned how to spawn things like the hit dummys,im not sure how to add item rewards for hitting the dummys also ivve seen maps that have a constant reward system and would like to learn how
  6. i dont know why im getting this error message when i try to start up dddk i even backed up the files and it didnt help
  7. i really love the summoner,its great how the minions can attack in all directions(main reason why i use my summoner alot) and the DU diffrense is great to i just have a problem allowing other summoners into my game when i play as a summoner,the reason is because if i spawn minions in an area around the crystal and have them stand there another summoner can decide he wants to go out and kill enemys and take my minions with him, leaving a crystal wide open
  8. i have all shards maps,do i need a shard from each map on NMHC to do CD NMHC ??
  9. whats required for CD NMHC,i have all the easy mode costumes,i want the NM costumes now i understand it could be in that extremely long 1st post,but im to lazy to read all that
  10. http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?71994-Guide-Crystalline-Dimension-NMHC-solo that doesnt tell whats required for NMHC CD it just talks about stats and build plans
  11. oh thats why, i have all 4 so im able to do nightmare mode :)
  12. im just wondering cause id like to have those ultimate defender skins
  13. just wondering cause i dont have the dlc that was required and was able to do NM mode
  14. its not a workshop map, i try to join like a ramparts game and it randomly starts the tfc map download,i have no idea why its happening but its needs to stop even rejoining doesnt help
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