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  1. Hi Trendy , I would like to have the DLC to be able to play all the new character and maps that was created by your fabulous team =)
  2. 2 more days to go .... i cant wait! how i wish i do not have to work on the 20th ... hahaha
  3. Can i know whether IOS getting any update to be on the same level as Android ?
  4. ARGH#!@#!@# i lose my data !!! =( all lvl 60 characters .... i am very upset... that i dont feel like playing it anymore . i am on IOS ... -cries- any kind soul can help me lvl up ? i am on version 1.0 still though. GC : dennlor
  5. invite me at night of singapore time =) GC : dennlor mage: lvl 62 squire: lvl 60 monk: lvl 60 huntress: lvl 61 pretty hard to lvl up now yeah after the update . haha
  6. YesTrindell --- what level did you use ? the first blurry pixel level ? or at the middle level ?
  7. anyone using ipad and what level or graphic is the best for smooth gaming ? =) and also gameid for gamespy is the email add or the nickname you entered ? sorry for the noob question =)
  8. lol.... dumb... why would apple do such stuff as to update the page but not the app ?
  9. ohhhh....FINALLY =) thanks jer for the update , and it is surely a good news for IOS players !! =) . Who wanna game when it is out ?
  10. come on already , when is the patch coming. please dont tell me is on sunday -sigh- please dont!
  11. i am getting DD when it is out, but i seriously hate the way it take ages for updates and patches to come , but i cant blame trendy as to compare them to blizzard and etc. I will be also getting Dungeons (the so called dungeon keeper sequel) heh... just hope the the IOS version come out FAST!!!!! or am i suppose to wait till sunday ? -sigh-
  12. i have sent a request feedback to apple once again... anyone did that too =)
  13. Why why why why why why why !!!!!! Jeremy can you tell me why is apple taking this long!?!? Is there any ways you can ask about it's progress? It have been 5 days already!?!?!? :( extremely upset
  14. iynfynity... you must be a android user to able to say this kind of words out to US (ios user)... Yeah KON3 is right, this is getting too much. I may have an iphone, ipad and a macbook but that does not means i will not get andriod . Apple should really think over their 3 to 5 days policy and make it shorter before they lose prospective buyers like me !!!! haha
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