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  1. I like these ideas and inventory management is annoying and takes time away from the grind itself, being able to have them sorted from highest mods first to least would be great while tinkering your items cause you know all your best stuff will be what you look through first.
  2. Some days there are minimal issues when playing. Other days are like the one I am having currently. Two bluescreen error crashes in a row; one after re-rolling the lost temple shortly after the map was loaded up and I could move. (Which is an unusual time for it to occur, all previous instances I've faced hasn't happened while physically loaded into a map and started moving). Right after loading the game back up and readying up after map 2 I ran into an error again, which is quite unusual as well for it to happen so close to each other in time.
  3. All of those issues were experienced in solo play as that is what I'm playing mostly.
  4. I've played a ton of onslaught now and can say that the most prominent problem tends to happen during longer sessions. Sometimes I stay in the same game for several hours and am able to be around to avoid the auto disconnect of being afk for too long. Typically the blue screen error report page crash is a fairly common issue from my experience. Always on US East here btw. Also infinite loading screens, stuck on the map end after action report screen where hitting continue triggers a "Continuing in XX" down by the timer and results in either a direct crash or just simply being stuck indefinitely on said screen and you're forced to restart manually. I'd like to also add a more uncommon issue that leads to a force restart which is at the end of your map after you ready up to end it it wont pop the end screen and it just lets you keep walking around, jumping seems to be blocked in a weird way where when you do it it's a small jump, you can walk around and if you kill yourself you wont respawn and you're forced to manually restart the game. The most frustrating of all is the combination of a 3 map onslaught floor and a crash on the ending of map 2 as soon as you ready up to finish the map or when you ready up and hit continue (blue error report screen) This tends to be a big issue cause there is no way to save your floor progress at that point, whereas there is sort of a workaround for having progress saved if a crash were to occur at the end of lost temple, Selling an item, opening a shard pack, and hitting to go to tavern are the 3 things I've been trying to remember and do consistently cause it saves your completed floor if you do end up crashing. (for the most part, I think unluckily it still never a couple times for me) I think that about sums up the major issue, there are some small things not even worth commenting on currently compared to these big time hindering main problems. Edit 1: It may sound like I targeted onslaught for these issues solely but trials has the same stuff happen. Edit 2: From my experience continuing in XX bug at end screen doesn't crash you on onslaught but does in trials when continuing to the next map
  5. It is truly trouble, I had the same issue yesterday playing a few maps with a friend!
  6. Would be nice for sure and a great way to make them defenses more helpful. I personally would like more utility shards in general for everything so you can build your defenses in a variety of ways with utility shards that may work well together to further personalize your builds even though a clear meta will always be found and used based on the ability to afk C7. With onslaught coming I think getting extra utility shards for everything would be nice but that also raises the obvious and well known concern of shards taking up so much space already. I think it goes without saying there should be some kind of way to store shards and I think ancient power could open up many potential sources of being able to do such a thing (assuming that isn't already implemented in the coming expansion in some form )
  7. Is this later in your play sessions, or later in the day around what'd be considered primetime for USEast (around 6-9PM)? I would say that the issues are in prime time for USEast for sure.
  8. US East, VA was what my game defaulted to, it says it's nearest but any region I switch to also says (nearest) but it does appear to run the smoothest of the bunch with not bad latency and I'm located in Newfoundland, Canada. I agree with what oxbowdvcorlone has stated first off. Generally, frame rate issues are prominent, I personally don't run into rubber banding issues myself most of the time, I think it happens at times in public matches but I haven't had it happen in a while. Mostly it seems to just skip if there are issues along with frame rate. 40 MBs down, 10 MBs up average, game sessions between 0-8 hours but there's usually a disconnect from afk in the mix in between long sessions The lag issues are certainly later on, would have to be several hours in and pretty much any map. Sometimes in the later hours of mastery generally there is frustration from skippy/blotchy instances of game play that make it difficult to repair/upgrade near dense mobs. If anything else on topic comes to mind I'll be sure to send a PM.
  9. Was the Crysknife from reg insane or plus? Just done my 2nd run since that there and got 100^ crysknife for 74 and 184^ junbao with 3 tower stats but unfortunately missing tower health and also another bad part is it's lvl 90 but it's still nice. The luck streak continues! It just makes me want to keep running it lol. Edit: Not sure if it was clear how I said it but I meant that the 100^ crysknife for 74 and 184^ junbao for 90 came from the same run
  10. Was the Crysknife from reg insane or plus? It was on regular insane. I do that mostly since I really like to get 4 weapons in not too much time considering I still want to pull a nice Junbao and Shaitain yet. I'd throw in more of insane+ once I have all nice weapons on my characters and start to focus mostly on armor.
  11. I don't know what's up but my luck has never been this good as it was this past week. Last night pulled a random 166^ Xilent's Rhythm Staff and it's so rare for me to do a random Aquanos run on hard mode, it was for lvl 90 though. Pulled 169^ Crysknife for lvl 83 on my first run of the day just then as well. I'm hoping I can get a 200+ with this luck streak. My highest is still 198 and that was also within this past week. Times are good currently for me!
  12. I pulled a 204^ Oculus for lvl 74. Yeah that's pretty crazy. I've yet to even pull a 200+ let alone for 74.
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