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  1. I've been using them as the double health walls recently, just seems easier to get to them in time to repair and such as I broke into C7. The petrification is pretty rare though with how fast things die, I have found they like to target Assassins, who with their butt tons of health get petrified more often than not before dying, though they tend to die a few seconds after lol. Even without max C7 gear though, almost everything else dies before the Maw can do anything. As Bullet_ stated a little earlier, the speed on it needs to be greatly increased for the petrify to do anything. I find
  2. I don't have the Dryad, so I can't comment on much, but I would say having an aura of healing around the Tree could be useful, and when corrupt that healing Aura also applies a debuff to any enemies around (since world tree is a barricade). Option 4, would also be interesting. I almost never see Dryad defenses used, and I am assuming it is b/c of the world tree requirement. So, another option could be to just let the Dryad defenses be placed like any others, just where ever you want with or without the world tree. Personally, I also dislike that to get the Dryad defenses the corrupt buf
  3. Could be the health...I know full C6 gear with hero health in most slots I was breaking 130k health. Working through C5 I think somewhere between 50-70k health was about my average. If you are going into C7, hero health is a kinda big thing, cause otherwise you just get 1-2 shot and are not putting much help in, because you are dead more often than not. That being said, it could be other things, like if your building stuff instead of giving mana to whoever is supposed to be building. Ascension, as far as I am concerned, doesn't mean much. I am around 177 ascension I think (might have lev
  4. Again, skeletal archers, just to point out one, are not viable in any difficulty where there might be a single geode. The SINGLE geode instantly kills any archers covering that lane, or at least the 3-4 times I've put archers out they have. So, not viable at all, past C3 where geodes are introduced. Any projectile tower on a level where geodes regularly spawn is not 'as' viable. In particular, skeletal archers and cannons when they have the shard for rolling cannonballs, as far as I've seen. Any aura defense on a level where cyborks regularly spawn is not 'as' viable. You can position aur
  5. The fact is, other than the hardcore fanbase, people will not stick around to do the chaos tiers once the hard counters start rolling through, more often than not. I have seen a lot of people recently in the town complaining about the different chaos tiers, and the particular enemies encountered, specifically the geodes, cyborks, lady orcs and assassins. The lady orcs are literally the only ones I do not really complain about myself, but I understand the frustration there. Having to go from single walls working throughout the entire game up to C4, then suddenly you have to fill every little
  6. Lost the map as I was trying to break into C7 from C6. Just saying, you had almost 400k health. I have 130k health. If the health difference is that much, I am assuming your towards the end of C7 gear. If that is the case, then everything should be relatively easy for you to farm. So please stop trying to gimp other people as they are trying to progress to catch up to where you are. Also, I specifically was putting stuff on that had hero health...
  7. Personally I like the idea of bombing stuff in a straight line... The only problem is that not many lanes are completely straight, which would negate the BB's use on those maps/areas. That being said, making the BB similar to the C&C's Kirov is an amazing idea to me. I would say that, other than the PDT, the huntress has limited AA options. So maybe, redesign the BB to help more against air. Maybe something like the trap has a large radius similar to the skyguard and make it spawn balloons that fly up into incoming air units, dealing aoe damage and/or a DoT effect instead of the sin
  8. True. All true. Personally the monk has never been my favorite character, but now he never leaves the deck. No point in using half the other characters (except to try something new) when the monk covers all bases with FA, LSA, and SGT. FA for multi-target. LSA for single target. SGT for air. Oh yea, and he has great/good hero dps too! That all being said, it really does seem odd that all the eggs are pretty much in that one basket. Makes you wonder at the thought process behind the decisions. Though, just curious have you tried the new archers? I have not yet, but was thinking wit
  9. Agreed, I run with my g/f all the time in this game and breaking into a new chaos tier is rough enough as it is because of the 25% health buff on enemies. Using FA, SGT, and an assortment of other towers (trying to figure out what works), the two of us are having a bit of difficulty breaking into C7 from C6, having towards the end of C6 gear. No, we didn't max every item out (everything, for the most part, is within 10 gold sell value of the max C6 gear), but weapons are maxed and a couple key relics (totem for wall, and a couple medallions). It was enough breaking into every other chaos ti
  10. I think in this case, I would side with ZexxCrine. The wisps, imo, while 'unneeded' were a improvement from DD1. Knowing which lanes, monsters are going to path down and which directions they will go, while maybe obvious in most cases, is still something that helps a player decide where he is going to position his defenses. Playing the map repeatedly also results in the player learning where to put stuff, but overall is a time sink. I know one of the maps annoyed me by not having the wisps where one particular air lane was, everywhere else the pathing was shown, but that one air lane. I l
  11. Not that it matters at this point, beings the 'adjustments' are already in. I was using the WM and FA in the same lane to see which would outperform the other, hitting the same units that pathed through. If you look at the links I provided I placed the WM and FA in similar positions and took screenshots for every wave that passed to show what damage was done and when the FA out performed the WM. I spent green mana my green mana upgrading that lane and the two mid lanes for the Skele's on that map. The gunwitch running with me only spent mana upgrading the other side. So not all the mana w
  12. Realistically afkers should get a swift kick... That more than likely won't happen. I do not mind your suggestion, though I think it should just reward players for doing well, instead of the randomness that are the current chests. I've got a legend chest, while doing practically nothing but sitting there watching my defense work (sometimes, I do like to just sit and watch, to see if the defense I've made can handle the oncoming horde). At the same time, I've worked my butt off to save a game, succeeded only to get a green chest. Having a reward for work put into a defense should be a th
  13. So I did not use a more populated lane yet, the other side I could test as well, but I tend to spam like 10 or so FA over there with only 1 WM, so the results of that would be biased. I can say on that side, I did have one FA (I am assuming I put it in a great spot) that outperformed everything on the map pulling over 600 million damage. Either way, I did re-do the test with a Mark, I took a screenshot of the mark and medallion, they will be included in the screenshots. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1091178833 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1
  14. I mean, aren't wars already declared off and on? Personally, I prefer a discussion back and forth, some people though take things way too personally. I do agree, however, that including a system like that would have people just downvoting or upvoting others based purely on whether they like the person posting. Seen that happen on a lot of forums, and it is not constructive at all, because then you get people downvoting others for just voicing a different opinion from the popular kid. Yeah...that does make sense too. (forgive me but I have to ask : do you mean wars are delclared on and off
  15. I mean, aren't wars already declared off and on? Personally, I prefer a discussion back and forth, some people though take things way too personally. I do agree, however, that including a system like that would have people just downvoting or upvoting others based purely on whether they like the person posting. Seen that happen on a lot of forums, and it is not constructive at all, because then you get people downvoting others for just voicing a different opinion from the popular kid.
  16. FA is as strong if not stronger than the WM when upgraded. If you compare a 3 node WM (120 DU cost) to 3-4 FA (90 or 120 DU cost) placing the FA in the same spots as the WM, the FA will outperform the WM. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1088813312 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1088813276 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1088813210 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1088813234 Not sure if the links to those work or not. They show that 3 FA by wave 4 when placed similarly to WM, will do more damage. The 3
  17. Check sell values over the main stat. If that doesn't work, then yea you can try the main stat, will not be 100% accurate upgrades though. Also, you can keep all characters in your deck that you use, just make sure the mule stays in the deck, doesn't need to be the active hero, during waves. These two paragraphs were the patch notes for the most recent loot patch they had done which ,IMO, were most useful for knowing how loot progression works: "Loot Rolls Based on the Most Powerful Hero in Your Deck One of the most common confusion points of our new loot system was how loot generated. Befo
  18. Blizzard forums are also full of trolls, wanting to goad people into arguments and/or making a fool of themselves. Just saying, Blizzard forums are not the 'ideal' by any standard. Edit: Also, recently Blizzard got rid of the downvote system...
  19. Nor am I. The points I have made are valid. I do not need the WM to do anything. It is not the best tower out there. It is a convenient defense, in the current system, which is why it is used. The PDT, imo, is much more OP comparatively, but it's hard counter is worse than the Cyborks and present in C7. I get through maps with ease with FA, PDT, Cannons (when geodes are not present), Ramsters and Skyguards. Change the meta, and the WM would go out of style, more than likely, if it is countered. PDTs would again be the meta, and people will be wanting the nerf there, which Trendy did sa
  20. They stated they were '...Making adjustments to reduce the dominance...' by using the phrase 'reduce the dominance', that more than likely means a nerf. The Node Increase bug, is a bug that should have been corrected when it was first noticed. Letting it go as long as it has, just made the WM be used by even more people because it is a convenient way to cheese. As I said before, I do not use WM 99% of the time, and have never used the bug because I think it is stupid. As for making the WM a defense that is upgradeable, I would not mind that as long as the initial cost is reduced. It is o
  21. Just a note, I actually tend to use FA, PDT, Cannons, Skyguard, and if I can manage it Ramsters (sometimes not enough DU). WM is not a defense I normally use, unless it's absolutely necessary, which 99% of the time it isn't. I just do not like when people say the WM is the Best of the Best, because it isn't. FA can do more, PDT can do more, Ramsters can do more. Just because of the heavy reliance on WM, because it is an easy defense to use, isn't a good reason to nerf it. Like I said earlier, once WM gets nerfed, FA will become the new thing to spam everywhere, more than likely. What then
  22. So is the Flame Aura. Which is exactly why there was a thread as soon as they said they were nerfing the WM, which basically welcomed everyone to the new meta of spamming FA. It will be the same thing, just with FA instead of WM. Hence, what is the point in nerfing something that is working exactly how it is supposed to work? You are correct, my point of the WM appearing OP as being because of the 5 wave system is moot until they bring out another mode. However, my point that the FA does outperform WM, when upgraded, is not. People are saying nerf the WM, I say why? If we're nerfing that
  23. OK. So what I am trying to say is that the WM is not OP if you compare it to other towers. It is only showing as OP during the matches currently because of the 5 wave system. It drops for 120 DU with 3 nodes that are tier 2.5 with no extra mana cost to upgrade. That means it starts at wave 1 2.5x better than ANY other tower. Which no other towers are upgraded in the first wave, most of the time the second wave does not have many towers upgraded 2x or more. That means the WM will outperform ANY and ALL other towers with the current 5 wave system. When there are more than 5 waves the WM w
  24. So, just to say, you realize you get DPS by measuring the damage done per second? Damage done over XX amount of time can be turned into DPS numbers. So your suggestion to look at the damage done by the WM compared to the FA and not the DPS is kind of silly. The literal reason WM currently outperforms the FA is because we are limited to 5 waves. To get through a level you can not upgrade a bunch (3 or 4) of FA to tier 2 or 3 on each lane. You can however drop WM, because you do not need to upgrade it. If there were more waves of enemies say 10 or 15, it would be preferable at that point t
  25. So, this paragraph was in the patch 1.0.3 preview: "And while the reign of the Weapon Manufacturer (and to a lesser extent, the Poison Dart Tower) has been interesting, it’s proven to be too much of a ‘one stop shop’ solution to many Chaos difficulties. As such, we’re making some adjustments to reduce its dominance, with the hopes of seeing diversity increase with these changes plus our numerous defense buffs." Not sure how you take that, but that to me is saying WM and to a lesser degree, the PDT, are going to get nerfed because they are used too much. Not sure how else I could take the
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