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  1. Then I would say they are making a poor choice. Not being able to pick the map that you want to play is a issue. Even if all the maps were in the rotation, I am pretty sure, players would still be complaining that there is no choice. To say, I do want all the maps in there, I have nothing against that. Just had wanted to say I think the bigger issue is the lack of choice. Also, not sure how it is a resource consideration. With the current matchmaking system the maps would fill up in public games whether or not the person hosting chose the map. In private games, choosing the map and pl
  2. I think adding more maps isn't the solution most people want. I think most people want the ability to pick the map to play, not just more maps in the rotation.
  3. I think the spike blockade attacks faster. Though I am not sure, haven't really looked at the AB much. If the spike blockade attacks faster it would be the better wall for the Stun Shard for blockades.
  4. I do not own the Dryad yet, and the reason was because I did not want to have to build one defense to power other defenses. Would prefer for the defenses to be able to be placed without having something powering them and/or restricting the area in which I could place them. The other thing that made me hesitant to purchase her earlier was the reliance on corrupt form to make every defense more powerful. Kind of made me think I would have to be on the Dryad to make her defenses worthwhile, you probably don't but it still made me think/feel that way. That is probably why I also do not tend to
  5. I don't think it was the matchmaking system that hit G before any defenses were built. Already said it was partially our fault. Not completely blaming the matchmaking system, but as [[168355,users]] points out, if the matchmaking system kept us in the group we were running with instead of tossing in with some random troll, the whole issue would have been avoided.
  6. Of course, there has to be the occasional rant in a forum . Just needed to blow off some steam when I first posted, lol. I really do hope the multiplayer aspect gets better as well, it was part of what made me fall in love with DD1. I also expect that it will get much better as time rolls on, looking back at DD1 it did not start nearly as well as it was towards the end. Took a bit of time to get there then as well. Also, thanks for responding.
  7. Yeah, like I said, it was partially our fault because we were not paying attention when the game loaded in. If we were, more than likely we could have done or said something. That being said, the guy who pressed 'G' before us seemed to have all the mana, at least none were in the boxes so it is quite possible he was intending to lose, as he had built no defenses and readied up. I think the idea of the daily win counter would solve almost the entirety of the issue though. Even getting pushed into another persons game that is trolling wouldn't hurt you, because the loss wouldn't get rid of
  8. So I have gotten 1 power transfer after grinding through the C4 as I progressed, farmed C4 on multiple occasions, and bought shard packs from C4. In total, I probably have went through a good 150-200 shards from C4 and only have 1 power transfer to show. As [[10348,users]] said, that shard in particular is the way to go on almost every tower in the game, having farmed as much as I have (and I'm sure there are others that have done more for either less or equivalent), it is quite frustrating to have only 1 to show for it. Personally I like options 1, 2, 4, and to a lesser degree 6. Person
  9. I personally think legends drop like candy before C7. Soon as I got to C7 though, the candy stopped flowing. That being said, it tended to be for some reason the legends I would get would all be the same type, as in I play 5 maps and get 5-10 legend boots... Not sure if others experienced that, but it was kind of annoying, lol.
  10. Ascension levels have nothing to do with gear drops what so ever. Gear drops are based solely on the 'best geared' character you have in your hero deck. I do agree that farming shards is probably the worst thing ever in this game, especially since a lot of the really nice shards (deadly strikes, defense rate, power transfer, etc.) seem to never ever drop. Did 8-9 games earlier today on C4 which has the chance to drop 2 of the possible nice shards, so 13 C4 shard packs later I come away with 1 defense rate. In the same runs, my g/f got none of the good tower shards. Shards are just stupid
  11. Didn't even think about most of that. I do really like the idea of a Daily Win Counter though. Would assume at the end of the day, depending on how many wins you got, you would be able to loot a chest or something with the extra shards in it. Or even just be able to loot the Win Counter chest whenever your done for the day for the extra shards, that way if your done after running 10 or so, you can loot it, instead of having to wait for the day to reset. I would assume everytime you loot the chest for the shards it should reset the count back down, so the more you play the more you would ge
  12. True enough. I already know those things, thank you. Was just venting, which is why I stated in the title, Rant. =D
  13. So, I decide that I need to farm some Power Transfer and Defense Rate shards, now that I am C7 geared and just need shards to equip into my relics for the most part. I decide to be nice and make it a public game with the title 'Farming Shards'. I am running with my g/f and we get almost right away two people in, that are gearing through C4, which is what I was kind of wanting, to help lesser geared players as I was farming. This goes smoothly for 8 consecutive games, they keep hitting continue and we keep farming. So on the 9th game, we all hit continue, suddenly me and my g/f are put into
  14. When I start hitting the max gold sell value for each difficulty. I used this spreadsheet for a guide: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1PNFslftU37q0KKEY-2EaxasXFpg2wkGr2kcu8UJ1XqQ/edit#gid=0
  15. I think DD2 went with a different approach than most games with the sub objective, they themselves are supposed to be hard to protect. However, if you lose them it almost seems to be designed to be easier almost. Yes, you have to deal with another lane, however if you built initially planning to lose the sub, then it is a cakewalk most of the time. That being said, I think only certain sub objectives are harder to protect than the lane they open. The close sub in sewers if you build right, goes straight into another lane and if built correctly you can have single auras overlapping between
  16. In c7 you seriously only need 1 skyguard per area lol I only said for multiple in the AIR lanes and even stated after that some air lanes are fine with only 1. There are some air lanes that if you only have 1, it will get bombed to death. Heck, turtling one of the maps I had 4 skyguards setup in front of the cores and had 2 of them get blown up by flying kobolds....that was with 4 Skyguards...
  17. Yeah, I know the flame aura is the new version of the old lightning aura. Seems to me though they just wanted to change the element for no reason though. Does the same thing...now it's just orange instead of blueish. I am a fan of the new LSA as well. The 20 DU cost is what caught my attention originally to it, and then it's damage potential was crazy high, I think mine does like 3m dps or some such when fully upgraded. Most bosses come out at what 24m (probably more, been almost a week since I played, so don't remember exact numbers), LSA needs 8 seconds with the boss alone in there to k
  18. I just find it funny how out of the core characters the only one that kept the originals towers was the Squire. Even then they changed how the dps towers work but still arguably the same as in the original. Every other one of the 4 original got almost a complete set of new towers/defenses. Funnier part about that is that I liked the originals defenses better than I like most of the new ones. I really miss the old chain lightning towers and Deadly Strikes from the apprentice. Gas trap was always amazing when set with an inferno trap and a Strength Drain. Heck, all the auras and traps were
  19. I agree, the assassins need to be fixed. I, personally, did not have much issue with them because I dpsed mainly on the Abyss Lord, which can counter relatively easily. My g/f on the other hand who dpsed mainly on a gunwitch died to them quite a lot and got pretty frustrated with the game during C5. Once past C5, the amount of assassins drop off which helps considerably, but they still annoy her and kill her occasionally. Either way, the fact that they completely lock you out of doing anything you may need to do (even healing on most characters) is just silly. That part needs to go. St
  20. Easy method in C7, that I have found, 2-3 FA at/near spawn points, 1 FA and LSA in front of the walls. 1 Skyguard well behind the walls but before the cores/sub-obj to clean up any Kobolts that have gotten far. 2-3 Skyguards per air lane...depending on positioning of where the air is coming in at and how much DU I have. Some air lanes can be fine with 1 skyguard, others will fail if you don't have 3. As a side note, if the Kobolts are not making it past the spawn you could save DU by not bothering with the skyguards on each ground lane. Also almost everything is from the monk, except the
  21. Also, personal experience in DD1, I played a ton and got kicked from some lobbies. I also joined a ton of lobbies and had a lot of fun. I also made a ton of lobbies, built the maps and let people in to get loot and relatively easy wins. Only ever kicked a person for trolling or causing trouble in the game.
  22. It is being abused even now, the people that just want to kick people join public games with one of their friends and kick the host. Couple forum posts about that. They can literally pair up, and join public games to kick the people trying to host and build those games. So, even the current system is being abused.
  23. Can support pretty much everything you stated. The only one that I could see that I just didn't care about was the WM is too strong still. Personally, I find the WM to be useless compared to auras anymore. Normally just upgrade one of the front 3 FA in each lane and it clears everything but bosses and lady orcs (which are normally under 50% health by the time they reach the wall). In the long run I save 30+ DU to spend on more interesting defenses per lane.
  24. Personally I support this idea. Host should have the power in the game, as he is the one who created it.
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